Structural Spaces Micro Home


This beauty of a tiny house features some lovely design aesthetics.







A 260 square feet custom tiny house built by Structural Spaces in Mayne Island, British Columbia Canada. More info. here.


  • Joanne O says:

    I love tbis! Wonderful design and craftsmanship. Innovative way to approach storage under the stairs.

  • Zackem says:

    Nice, real nice….!

  • Heather C says:

    I kinda wish I could see how you get upstairs to the loft (the stairs in the kitchen don’t look like the go up there but I could be wrong) but I really like this! I love where the lounging area is, usually they’re right in front of the door. And the combination of black, white, blonde wood, and darker wood is really nice, some of these things have WAY too much natural wood for my taste and they look like cabins on the inside. Is that chalkboard paint on the cabinets, by the way? I wish you guys were closer to me in New Jersey, I want you to build me a house!

  • Dorothy says:

    There seems to be a loft but I have no idea of how it is accessed! Other than that mystery it looks pretty great.

  • Dug says:

    The stairs go at right angles at the top and your in the bedroom or if that’s not understandable climb to the top of the stairs turn left and right ahead of you and your into the bedroom nice change and different style

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