Rewild Homes Tiny House


This little home has some unique and pretty cool features. Like hand-hewn countertops with the moss still on.










  • gunguru01 says:

    I like this design and layout but, don’t see any appliances of any kind? The outside looks nice and I especially like the way they built the porch onto the trailer’s folding ramps!

    • Jessica Reid says:

      Hi there! I am one of the owners of Rewild Homes. There is an open spot under the stairs for a mid-size fridge, and then for cooking they will be using a portable induction cooktop and possibly a toaster oven. There is no washer/dryer. Thanks for your question 🙂

  • daniel says:

    The jagged edges of the countertops isn’t as appealing as they most likely though it would be.

    • Rlee says:

      I beg to differ, love it.❤

    • gunguru01 says:

      When you actually live in a place this small you adjust to the space. Your not striding through like in a large place. Everything is close and convenient so when you get up to go in the kitchen your pace is slowed and it gives you time see what your doing. Whereas in a big house you get up and your pace is faster because everything is spaced further apart. My wife and I took about a week to get used to that idea. You bang into walls, stump your toes, hit your elbow, etc.. Then, your brain warms to the space and it remembers (even if you don’t) where everything is located!:-)

    • Fanya Houston says:

      I beg to differ as well. I LOVE the counter top edge. Easy enough to customize if you don’t like it. Tons of eye appeal!!!!

  • Nina says:

    Imagine bumping your hip on those countertops. Ouch.

  • Jenn says:

    It’s super beautiful, but I’m sure it’s also super expensive since the countertops look so gorgeous.

  • Sam says:

    I like the look, however, the edges of the countertops are not appealing. In s small space you would scrape against them and they would be difficult to clean.

  • Ladonna says:

    How much? Is it 4sale??

  • Rebecca says:

    Ah! The walnut slab counters.. with the moss!!! oh man, oh man.. loooooove it Good job! Pretty simple and nicely balanced with the negative space. I admire the play of cheaper fixtures (lights in loft) and the more expensive details .. sinks/facuets ect. As for the comments of bumping yourself on the counters? I say.. small price to pay for SUCH beauty!!

  • Anna says:

    I would remove the bark from those walnut slabs, but otherwise–MAJOR countertop envy! Overall, gorgeous home… I am taking notes on the white paint/dark wood color scheme. Love the huge window, too. And the stairs!

  • connie says:

    Absolutely gorgeous tiny house! Beautiful features!

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    attractive counter tops the space is not functional.

  • Dorothy says:

    The counter tops are fabulous! I’d easily put up with minor annoyances to have those. The counter top space is great too. Lots of room for eating and cooking. Excellent stairs too.

  • Monica says:

    How much is The ti y house

  • Andrea Hardy says:

    Very stylish, but I couldn’t live with those jagged counter tops! Definitely not for a family with small children–yikes!!

  • David says:

    Gorgeous! Love the countertops, the ways the floors were installed, colors, trim, etc. Fine craftsmanship. Someone will be lucky to have such a unique home.

  • Sally Schrock says:

    For the most part I like this design, except that the countertop is way too long and takes up too much space, which could be better used for, say, a loveseat or some comfortable chairs to sit in. I also don’t see much in the way of storage space. This particular design needs some tweaks to be truly useful and comfortable to live in, in my opinion.

  • Peggy Trivilino says:

    Beautiful counter tops will not cook a decent meal. A portable induction cooktop and a “possible” toaster oven will not suffice for extended-term day-to day-living. Rethinking the kitchen would go a long way towards enhancing the practical appeal of this otherwise lovely little home.

    • gunguru01 says:

      Why not? I understand that some people cook a lot and want a huge range and lots of countertop space. But, why can’t someone else (who doesn’t like to do much cooking) exist and be perfectly content with a burner plate and toaster oven? It certainly seems simpler to me!:-)

      • gunguru01 says:

        Functional space isn’t defined by anyone except the person living in it.

      • Fanya Houston says:

        Agreed. I am good with a counter top convection oven (I have one that has 2 racks and does up to 2 9×13″ dishes), 2 burners and a refrigerator. Ok, and my trusty giant crock pot. I can cook anything for a Thanksgiving dinner with that!

  • Ann says:

    Very nice combination of tropical and log cabin style.

  • Fanya Houston says:

    Sad, but good warning!

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