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Kequyen's 180 square feet tiny house on wheels in British Columbia, Canada.

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KEQs Corner Tiny House resides in the Outdoor Capital of Canada, Squamish, BC! 180 Sq Ft space built on an 18 ft trailer.

Owned and shared by Kequyen Lam.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


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  1. I didn’t see a good picture of the Bathroom. But what I DO see is perfect, I am a fresh air freak and all the doors and opening skylights fill that need very well!

  2. i like this house, just a few things i noticed. as a woman we like cabinets, lots of cabinets, i don’t see any in the bath or kitchen. Needs a bigger kitchen sink, really? kind of tiny…..would have liked to see inside the bathroom. I assume the outside front single door exits from the bathroom??????? what’s that about? Needs a bigger front room, like, 6 more feet of room. Love the curtains, ladder, sleeping loft from what i could see. inside just needs a little more thought by a woman is all. Good job Mostly…

  3. absolutely beautiful! Love all the underside strorage… another question from a woman though… I’m assuming you’re not all moved in yet, and saw a few clothes hanging here and there. Are the rack in the bathroom and above your bed the only places for clothes at this point?

  4. Awesome! I’m building one similar design and would love to get in contact with the builder. I couldn’t find contact info anywhere, can anyone help? Thanks everyone!

    Stevie Hudson

  5. Hey! I am designing a house similar to this one and would love to get into contact with Kequyen Lam! Is there anyway I could get his contact info? Thanks a lot I love the website.

    Best wishes,
    Stevie Hudson

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