Lorry Life

  • Evening Iris

    I'm amazed at all of the room inside; doesn't look that big, but seems to have all the whistles...

  • smitty

    Cool lookin camper...



This ol’ Bedford horse truck was gutted then built into a house truck for a young family in The UK.

  • liL0Ladehoo

    Right on. Hard on these old eyes....

  • Kathy

    Thanks, that was a big help. It's so cozy! Staying in during a downpour would be a positive ple...

Wainui Bay Housetruck


This old truck was converted into a housetruck then perched above Wainui Bay in New Zealand to accommodate the lucky occupants.

  • Charie

    Very nice! Where did you get your small stove oven? I live in a camper and have been looking f...

  • Andrea Hardy


Rolling House


Randy recently completed his off-grid house truck built on a Ford cargo truck.

  • gunguru01

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my site! I haven't completely finished it yet but I am l...

  • Joyce

    These pictures are messed up... two different exteriors - which is right?...

The House of Seven Rivers


A fine handcrafted house truck.

  • CDM

    WOW...the craftsmanship of this tiny motorhome is stunningly beautiful...very inspirational...I...

  • Laci

    Gorgeous home. I normally don't like this style, but it was done so well....

The Nomadic


A tiny house designed to be mobile and stationery.

  • Alex Alexander

    2 personal changes. Take out bottom wide shelf, make that a desk. Raise mattress to a normal ...

  • Gerhard

    Hello Carol, this is Gerhard, the designer of the house. Its indeed something like a container ...

The House-Box


An old horse box truck converted into living quarters.

  • Ye Zar Ni

    I want to know where water tank for kitchen and shower? please tell me....

  • Nerida

    This really is a very special place. It looks like it was a lot of work but worth every moment...



HouseBox’s newest built, this 1980 Bedford lovingly converted into a traveling tiny house.

  • Amanda

    beautiful! I've been looking into a long box truck to convert. I like your ideas and may add si...

  • Robert

    Lovely. It's got the feel of an old blacksmith's workshop....