Micro Shed Guest House


Rebecca lives in a tiny house on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and needed a place for guests to stay while hanging with her.

  • Kristina H Nadreau

    agree with you. I am older so many of my friends are also older so we really need a bath room...

  • Rebecca

    Hi Alex, the expenses are listed in details on the wesbite: https://kevatinyhouse.wordpress.com...

Big Family Tiny House


A family of six built this timber-framed home on 5 acres in British Columbia. Fresh eggs anyone?

  • Troy

    Love it....the commute would be too much. This is exactly what I'm looking for in the North Eas...

  • Gayla Strait

    This is pretty near to perfection for me. <3 Including the chickens!...

Structural Spaces Micro Home


This beauty of a tiny house features some lovely design aesthetics.

  • Dug

    The stairs go at right angles at the top and your in the bedroom or if that's not understandabl...

  • Dorothy

    There seems to be a loft but I have no idea of how it is accessed! Other than that mystery it...