Micro Shed Guest House


Rebecca lives in a tiny house on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and needed a place for guests to stay while hanging with her.








  • Jim says:

    I could sleep in that cupboard. Sweet little bedroom.

  • Nancy says:

    I love it!! I could live like that!!

  • Alex says:

    Can we see a budget breakdown?

  • Sue says:

    I LOVE that you’ve created a nice, cozy place for guests!!!

  • Bob G says:

    It’s a toolshed without any tools. I have a big plastic one of these in my yard, courtesy of Home Depot. If I tried to put a friend in it to sleep I’d lose a friend. TinyHouses has lowered the bar to qualify inclusion in the website, it appears. Let me know if I can forward images of a lean-to made with plastic tarps. No hate, but, really? A tool shed?

    • Jeff says:

      Most tool sheds don’t have skylights, beds, desks, etc. And you wouldn’t put a friend in a plastic tool shed, which is why she created this amazing space which not only complements her tiny house but also the woods surrounding it. Clearly your plastic shed would not do that either. So, no, your message doesn’t convey hate, but it really doesn’t fit the spirit of this site: neat structures, serving particular purposes, based on desires of individuals thinking outside the box in design, budget, creativity and initiative.

    • Kristina H Nadreau says:

      agree with you. I am older so many of my friends are also older so we really need a bath room where we sleep. This tiny shed may provide a place for a young single guest to camp overnight, safe from raccoons and mosquitos.

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