Big Family Tiny House


A family of six built this timber-framed home on 5 acres in British Columbia. Fresh eggs anyone?








  • Sean says:

    It’s a nice little house. Might have to take out a 30 year mortgage for $245K…

  • Daniel says:

    I’m guessing the 5 acres of land it sits on is why it’s $245k.

  • Brian says:

    Nice place, but that is a lot of money to be in the middle of nowhere.

  • Diana says:

    Are there no private bedrooms?

  • Dorothy says:

    To me this defeats the purpose of having a tiny or small home. I do love the house (and chickens) but even with the 5 acres $245K is beyond the pale. Most people go tiny to get out of debt, not deeper into debt.

  • Lisa E. says:

    What Dorothy said.

  • Tamera says:

    This home is lovely, if you have the money, this one is warm and inviting and has room to move around without bumping into anything. It is still on the small side, considering what people are living in and builders are constructing now. Well done.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    very nice. functional and attractive. Affordability is highly individual……….. negative remarks about pricing & costs are not useful

  • Jeff says:

    Perfect design, perfect stairs, and $100 = most people’s view of tiny house living. I echo Kristina’s comments about costs. Subjective editorial comments are useless to those choosing to share a window into their chosen tiny home lifestyle and those of us who enjoy the creativity and privileged peek into their lives. Great job, “Family of 6”!

  • Gayla Strait says:

    This is pretty near to perfection for me. <3 Including the chickens!

  • Troy says:

    Love it….the commute would be too much. This is exactly what I’m looking for in the North East of the US.

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