New Mexico Strawbale


This strawbale home take minimalism about as far as it can go in the desert of New Mexico.

  • Big Lou

    I love the straw bale. I love the high R-value. This one looks like it needs some more finishin...

  • Pam

    Sorry, I'm not "swooning" over this one! There's nothing here intriguing at all....

Baan Rung Nok

A tiny home in Thailand built using natural materials.

  • Drew

    I love seeing posts here from tropical countries. I'm also from a tropical country. I've always...

Elaman Puu

Self-built cob house in Finland.

  • Wendy Neumeyer

    Absolutely wonderful! The Facebook "like" button didn't work, though. Inspiring!...

  • Holliday Smith

    would love to see the inside of this home. :o) Outside is wonderful....