Cedar Mountain


New Frontier Tiny Homes builds high-end homes with high-grade materials. The Cedar Mountain is one their three models currently available.








  • alice h says:

    Love the white walls with the brown trim and the office/bedroom. Also like the way the windows are trimmed. Very clever way to convert the bench to a bed. The kitchen is bright and looks functional but I find the main floor lounging space a bit lacking. I don’t know if that’s what the little room is supposed to be but I like having a more spacious couch type arrangement in the main room.

  • Robyne says:

    Love the photos, but they don’t explain all. A few words and a little more detail under the photos is not too much to ask for surely. Thank you

  • Nancy says:

    Very cute!! My only concern is getting everything wet when taking a shower. Other then that I love it,

  • Amanda says:

    I agree with the above poster. The photos on this blog tend to be much too zoomed-in, so it’s hard to feel like you’re standing back admiring each space. Some description copy under each image would definitely help. Design*Sponge does a good job with these types of house tours, I would recommend taking a look!

  • Mary Dixon says:

    How can toilet paper last in such a bathroom? It isn’t totally bad a bathroom but the toilet paper storage is a concern. Another thing is the use of the corner in the kitchen. Is there a lazy susan cupboard there or is there access from the outside?

  • Lisa E. says:

    I’ve never really liked the second bedroom on the first floor. I can understand it if you have a child but for a single or f it were mine, I’d either have a full bath with beautiful shower (clear plexiglass curved door) and a washer/dryer combo plus some shelving for towels and washcloths, OR I’d take that space and make a pantry out of it with eyebrow windows for light thus freeing up the wall space for shallow cabinets or shelving. I’d store all dishes, mixing bowls, small plug-in equipment (mixers, blenders, waffle iron, etc), plus storage for boxed and canned goods. This would keep the kitchen area clutter free but I’d have easy access to my kitchen “library”.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    The owner will have to be very slender to comfortably use the doors one will not buy appliances or furniture either.

  • bat says:

    I love the design of the small office/second bedroom on the first floor. It could be a guest room, dedicated office, or the primary sleeping spot if you couldn’t make it up to a loft area. I think it is lovely and it addresses the need that many of us have to dedicate a bit of space “to get away” or concentrate. I’m seriously considering incorporating that design into my office/guest room build of my house. Was thinking of a twin bed but may just opt to do THAT so it folds out into a queen/king when couples visit.

    Side note: I’ve notice a great deal of negativity on some of the comments and while I understand folks’ desires to critique, I wonder if it is possible to focus on the great ideas in each design? I appreciate people’s willingness to share glimpses into their spaces.

  • bat says:

    PS… when I mentioned negativity, I didn’t mean on this page alone – on lots of the tinyhouseswoon pages.

    • sadam says:

      Lack of imagination and too much to kill,.. or hate on first thing you find… #somepipls
      Every tiny one has something to inspire with, only if you have a capacity to ‘see’ 🙂

  • Gayla Strait says:

    I really like the wet-room/shower.

  • Jessica says:

    Love the overall feel of it BUT def not a fan of the bathroom overall. I def would want a more defined shower space.

  • Dieter Klug says:

    we are interested in a mobile home of ca 40 m2 for 12 months use for 2 persons. Important is good isolation for german winters with expected -20 degrees C. What could you propose ?
    Kind Regards
    Petra & Dieter

  • Kristi says:

    The toilet (Separett)is the same one I have and it plugs into a standard outlet to power the fan inside the toilet which aids in drying out the contents for composting. How exactly does that work in a wet bath? The toilet is also bolted to the floor so emptying the water from it would be impossible!

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