Freedom #2

This is the 2nd Freedom model tiny house Alabama Tiny Homes has built. This one features a folding Murphy bed that’s pretty awesome.


  • Anita Miller says:

    I don’t get how you are going to be able to have a couch as you wouldn’t be able to put the Murphy bed down if you did so that to me is a wasted space

  • starhawk says:

    I have two pressing questions. Why is the inside a singularly depressing shade of Aveeno where it isn’t charcoal gray or black, and who stole all your color paints?

    I mean, it’s an okay design — a bit large if you ask me, although I like the openness — but that rainy Saturday paint job really needs to go somewhere and die. Put some nice colors in there — nobody wants to live in a stormcloud FFS. I mean really.

  • Colleen K says:

    I love this model. Open design, clean lines, and lots of personalization options. Great job!

  • mj says:

    Well, starhawk, I love the paint job! This way you can add any “decor accessories” for color. Some wall art or even something simple like flowers or blown glass pieces etc.It’s very “high end” looking to me. I love this tiny house FFS!

  • Wendy Calver says:

    Love, love this tiny house. Being a senior
    I don’t like using stairs. The Murphy bed is perfect. I also like the neutral colours as I can do my own colour with accessories and change it up when I want.

  • Cathy says:

    Love the layout, however, I would make a several powering changes. I would switch out the electric fireplace for a wood burning stove. House would have a second heating option, namely propane. The kitchen stove should also have an oven not just burners. Kithchen sink has to be double especially without a dishwasher. A solar power system for all electricity but also have standard rv hookups. House should have both good/grey water tanks and dual flush/composting toilet. I would never buy a house without a full bathroom which means there’s a bathtub. In other words, I want a tiny house that is completely off grid capable. Someone needs to build my dream tiny house at an affordable price.

  • Rusty says:

    I’d need one for full time living therefore I think I’d need a larger unit but of course I’m far from an expert.
    Please advise
    Rusty Lee

  • Linda says:

    I like the murphy bed making it a single story dwelling, if need be. Huge bath and kitchen! I agree that the lack of color was the first thing that caught my eye. Easy change.

  • Gartmrett says:

    Love it. Not many have full bathtubs

  • J S Frost says:

    Love this lay out and the clean cut edges. Nice and roomie. One thing i’ve never understood ( and I know everyone builds to their liking desgin) is why they put such large kitchen areas in tiny homes.

  • Alecia Short says:

    My husband and I really like the table and stools that stow away under the stairs! Only thing I can see wrong is no place for a microwave.

  • Robyn J says:

    I’m loving the pattered railing on the stairway. I wasn’t a fan of the sleeping area being open to the rest of the house until I realized it was a Murphy bed. That works.

  • Sherrie McGinty says:

    how much is this one?

  • Willie Barba says:

    I want a tiny house but no wheels or tires

  • Becky DuBois says:

    I absolutely love it! The Murphy is ok but first me I’d rather hAve a couch. Love love the kitchen and bathroom. What is the home the way it us without murphy

  • Pam Ward says:

    What is the cost of the model shown? Is it built with wood supports or metal? Would a GMC Yukon 4-wh drive be able to tow this model?

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