This little 24′ tiny house beauty has some nice features. My favorite? The privacy loft and stairs leading up to it.

  • James

    Love it, only issue is codes on atl ga area rt now....

Freedom #2

This is the 2nd Freedom model tiny house Alabama Tiny Homes has built. This one features a folding Murphy bed that’s pretty awesome.

  • Pam Ward

    What is the cost of the model shown? Is it built with wood supports or metal? Would a GMC Yukon...

  • Becky DuBois

    I absolutely love it! The Murphy is ok but first me I'd rather hAve a couch. Love love the kitc...


The inside of the Shonsie is pretty unique. Just look at the floors and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Zach Arthur

    Please tell us about that beautiful blue floor......

  • Donna Dozier

    I think this would be perfect sitting on a barge in the harbor, with a sailing dinghy tied alon...

Tumbleweed Cypress Equator


This Tumbleweed tiny house in Maine, well, it’s for sale.

  • Jake

    Maybe the seller traveled with the house and took the picture. you know since it has wheels. Bu...

  • frank

    here it is , the one for me,i could never build one this nice my self but I would bye the plans...

Kenny and Esther’s Tiny House


This tiny house on wheels full of personal touches was built back in 2013 in New Mexico.

  • Robin

    Cute home. Looks very functional and well made. I LOVE you 2 dogs. I just knew there had to be ...

  • Barb Duder

    Very cute - I love to see them lived in. It is so much nicer than seeing the display model. ...

The Treehouse Lounge


This tiny house in Austin, Texas is filled with personal touches throughout the built.

  • Mike

    I'm with Samantha. Lots of personality and a palpable Sense of Style. This is a great Tiny Ho...

  • MK

    Becky, you need to reread Jeff's comment ......and if you don't get it, keep reading it ......i...



This tiny house built by American Tiny House is very people and kitty friendly.

  • Corpho

    This house is by far one of the very best I've seen. People should definitely watch the video ...

  • Anibel

    It's from IKEA....

Gideons Tiny House


This tiny house features multi-colored siding and a modern interior treatment and was built by Titan Tiny Homes in Illinois.

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