Micro Mansion

The Micro Mansion tiny house has a lot of features inside of it that immediately show you a lot of attention to detail was given. Like the wooden tub…nice.

200 square feet tiny house on wheels with lots of custom features including a wooden tub in Port Townsend, Washington. More info. here.


  • Jenna says:

    That bathtub is trippy in both a good and bad way, haha. Cute house though!

  • Ellen says:

    Love the loft area. Looks comfortable and roomy for a tiny house loft. Looks as tho it would be fun to hang out in as well as sleep. Love a bathroom with lots of wood. I still have a bit of a problem with a bathroom being right next to the kitchen. Really like the THOWS with kitchen and BR on opposite sides of the the tiny house. Pretty little house. Looks cozy and inviting.

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