The Big Whimsy

The Big Whimsy has so many unique features I don’t know where to start. Matter fact, check them out for yourself.


  • Lynda Nelson says:

    Love the walkway and entrance to loft for kitties.

  • Evening Iris says:

    Oooooh, I am loving this build. Love the shower stall, love the cover for the plumbing and the propane hook-up (genius!) Love the lily-pad stairway (instead of the ol’ ladder trick.) Love the fact that this place is all off-grid (love it). OH! And I LOVE the dragon faucet with the foot pedal, and one in the kitchen, too, to conserve water when washing dishes (fabulous!). And I am loving that dishwasher. Love all of the kitty accommodations from the private privy with the clear plastic swing door, to the catwalk above.(absolutely!) And the lights in the loft are exactly my cup of tea; I ‘d use that loft (modified with a pocket-door sliding wall to get in and out) for my 17 guitars, 6 amps, suitcase piano, drum kit, violin and viola! LOVE IT!!! I’ll take a pass on the hammocks, the open shelving and the penny-top counter (prefer Corian counters with beveled edges.) I think I might eliminate two windows, but other than this, I am totally loving what you have done here. Pretty blue color, too. GREAT JOB, GUYS, LOVE IT!! 😀

  • Fred Flores says:

    The dude in the hammock looks high AF!

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