The Big Whimsy

The Big Whimsy has so many unique features I don’t know where to start. Matter fact, check them out for yourself.

  • Fred Flores

    The dude in the hammock looks high AF!...

  • Evening Iris

    Oooooh, I am loving this build. Love the shower stall, love the cover for the plumbing and the...

24′ Gooseneck


Yet another tiny house beauty built by Tiny House Chattanooga. This one is completely custom and built on a gooseneck trailer.

Woodland Cottage


Rachel and her father built The Woodland Cottage in Tennessee and even used materials on site as part of the build.

  • Janina

    I have to agree with Barb Duder - it is absolutely lovely and nicer than pretty much every prof...

  • Barb Duder

    Well...isn't this little beauty the definition of charm and elegance! I absolutely love this.....

The Monocle


The Monocle is a very unique tiny house, especially when you get to the rear area where the wet back and soaking tub are. Dreamy.

  • P

    Such a liveable design and easy to make modifications for say, a larger fridge & laundry. ...

  • Jacqui

    Definitely one of my favorites! Would make a couple of adjustments for my own needs, but that's...

28′ SIPs Tiny House


This tiny house was built using SIPs (structural insulated panels) which has resulted in some serious r-value.

  • Elese jackson

    Love the tiny house. Most of us can live in those with no problem. We have so much as it is....

  • Daven


The Nixie

the-nixie-1I had a chance to visit and checkout The Nixie when it was still under construction and was impressed. The final product? Decide for yourself.

  • Rozz

    That W/D combo in the shower is stupid! What a waste of bathtub space......

  • Rachel Raimi

    Attractive finishes, but poor space planning. The washer obstructing the tub is ridiculous at b...

The Borough

the-borough-tiny-house-chattanooga-1Tiny House Chattanooga is a very busy tiny house building company that designs very high-quality tiny homes. Have a look at The Borough.

  • Trish

    Easy to tip/lean a full mattress up on its side to access the storage. Harder for a queen but n...

  • Dorothy

    There seems to be no "comfy" place for visiting with people or watching TV. Also the storage...

Cedar Mountain


New Frontier Tiny Homes builds high-end homes with high-grade materials. The Cedar Mountain is one their three models currently available.

  • Kristi

    The toilet (Separett)is the same one I have and it plugs into a standard outlet to power the fa...

  • Dieter Klug

    Hello, we are interested in a mobile home of ca 40 m2 for 12 months use for 2 persons. Importa...

Nooga – A Custom Tiny House with Steel Framing


This tiny house in Chattanooga is framed up using steel.

  • Cheryl

    It's good to see a Tiny House with some "living room space" and not have the kitchen take up ha...

  • Jesse

    I love the idea of using steel studs to save weight and I wonder why this isn't tiny house stan...

The Triton


  • Sean

    Great craftsmanship. I could do without the couch....

  • Amanda

    I love this site, my only complaint is that the images often feel too "zoomed-in" and it's hard...