The Silver Moonbeam


A summer getaway high in The Rocky Mountains.

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This vintage 1951 Royal Spartanette is our summer getaway. It is located up high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We bought it two years ago, but it’s been in this same spot since 1972. An aspen grove grew around the Moonbeam. No electricity or running water. We have a vaulted outhouse on the property, which consists of two lots. The interior birch paneling is all original. The time we spend here is very peaceful.

A vintage Spartanette in Colorado. Owned and shared by Lynn Hanson.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon


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    1. I know what you mean. I felt the same way about trailer living. But, once I saw where it was situated, the land it was on and the good condition it was in, especially for a vintage trailer, it felt so right. The whole scene and set up was just irresistible! Just like you said, it is tidy, cozy and comfortable.
      Thank you, Georgie!

    1. Rene,
      Thanks for your interest! Somebody else, not us, hauled it up there in the early 70’s. It must have been difficult because this spot is up very high and remote and as you can see, is practically surrounded by boulders.
      It is equipped with a propane tank to fuel the heater and stove but we do not want it hooked up. It’s just a summer getaway for us.

    1. The Silver Moonbeam sits at 8,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains. Abundant wildflowers grow all around the land and we have a variety of “visitors.” Moose like to mosey around and nibble on the numerous aspen trees, two bobcats hang around on occasion, so I’ve been told. I’ve not seen them but I have photographed their paw prints in snow in winter. Last summer, we had a visit from a black bear, ravens and ospreys can always be a guaranteed sight, as well as bunnies, chipmunks, woodpeckers and the sound of an owl.
      We are surrounded by four national forests and plentiful lakes to paddle and good mountain bike trails. The air is fresh and sweet, and it never gets too hot in the summer. It snows quite heavily in the winter, and it lasts a long time.
      It’s an extremely quiet place. A most perfect refuge from city sounds, traffic, and just plain noise.
      Everything seems to stop once we step inside the Silver Moonbeam. It’s like another world.
      Thank you for asking what it’s like spending time there. Obviously I could go on and on.
      If you’re interested in reading more about our experiences at this trailer, I wrote an essay about it on my blog.
      In the archives look for the month of June, and the title is called Way Up High.
      Thank you, Zev!

  1. Hi Lynn,

    What a great getaway, and your photography captures the light beautifully. Have you mentioned the location in Colorado where you’re located? Gorgeous.

    1. Hey Matthew,
      We are in Red Feather Lakes. I see you are cyclist in Colorado, so I’m sure you’re familiar with the area!
      Yes, it’s pretty awesome, this trailer, this location. Couldn’t be happier.
      Thanks for the nice comment!

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