Solar Tumbleweed


This little home in the mountains of Colorado is completely off-grid.









  • gunguru01 says:

    This looks like it was dried in by Tumbleweed and someone tried to live in it while building the interior. I know how hard it is to work in a tiny living area. Its a disaster! Looks to me like they gave up really quick too!

  • Liz says:

    Okay. It’s a typical THOW with a solar panel on the top. It works.

  • Julie says:

    This is really interesting. I like the stairs. How did you pick that particular design, and why?

    • Nerida says:

      Julie, I suspect a fridge or something else is going under the stairs.

      I have seen a few with this individual steps set up. Not for me but others like it.

      Its still a work in progress by the look of it. Good luck to the owner, making do as he/she goes along I think, at the moment anyway. Would like to see it again when finished off and set up.

      My query is the size of the chimney and placement of the heater but everyone has a reason that suits their particular purpose and aesthetic. I appreciate that so many are happy to share what is a very private space. So many ideas to pick tidbits from.

  • Dorothy says:

    I do like the steps. They have a normal step height and they don’t have the high “crawl in” at the top. With some finishing it could look a lot better. It’s rough looking as is.

    • gunguru01 says:

      The reason for the big chimney is that they put those god awful panels on the roof. Now they will have to remove the stack on the outside to haul it. Another thing, when going through the wall or roof you have to use triple wall pipe and a thimble to allow 3″ of clearance so the pipe’s heat won’t start a fire. Truely, they should have used a smaller size pipe and went through the roof. Obviously, they wanted roof mounted solar right over the woodstove. (Not very well thought out) But, thats another problem entirely!:-)

  • Marjorie cox Fabian says:

    I never saw steps that way before. It seems like a good idea, but I wish they would have had more photos of
    how they look, both up and down.

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