Corvallis Tiny House


A tiny house on wheels for a family of three.







  • Meg says:

    The outside looks good,- the pictures inside didn’t provide much information though. It would have been good to share a picture of the kitchen with us rather than just the faucet, and the curtain rail photograph didn’t describe the bathroom layout very well?! I am sure you’ve got good ideas, managing to live with three people in a small mobile space, and some of the innovations you have adapted would be interesting.

  • Hi there!

    My wife and I are just getting started on the road to tiny housedom. I will be honest and say that this is a beautiful place, but the most we could offer is $25,000 cash as we will need to ship it back to our home in Colorado. We’ve been saving a long time for a house like this and really think it could be our ticket to living a debt free lifestyle as we raise a family. It is very encouraging to see that you’ve been able to live in your home with a child.

    We would like to learn a little more about the ammenities– i.e. water, electric, gas, stoves etc. as well as who built it, what the insulation is like etc. If you can please get back in touch with us, we’d love to talk and potentially make an offer if it is the right fit.

    Thank you,

    Ryan & Sarah

  • Alicia says:

    Hello everyone! This was our tiny house, but it sold last month. I would take it down here, but this add was pulled over from another site and so we are not in charge of this page. Admin, please take this add down, our tiny house is no longer available, as it was sold last month. Thank you for your interest and good look on your tiny house dreams!

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