Mountain Style


Eric’s tiny house in Colorado.










A 192 square feet tiny house in Montrose, Colorado. More info. here.


  • Pat says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen the Avanti unit used in a tiny house; the unit makes for a clean, modern, finished look. Overall the house has the cleanest, most minimal lines I’ve seen in a tiny house–and I’ve been looking for over 15 years. A job well done! If only I weren’t too old to deal with a ladder/loft…

  • Gracie says:

    Quality workmanship, VERY impressive. LOVE the windows. Wondering if the windows open for ventilation.

  • Mike says:

    This one seems to hit that sweet spot of appropriateness. Everything in scale and precise detailing. Were it me, I’d have a bigger sink, but that all in one unit is probably all you really need for this amount of square feet. Windows are nicely laid out. I’m hoping the loft window can also work as a fire escape. Excellent work.

  • M. says:

    How much would this one cost? And who is the builder?

  • Devan says:

    Beautifully done! And that sink/fridge/stove combo is pretty cool. I’ve not seen one like that before.

  • Eden says:

    What kind of stove combo is that? I can’t even find it on the Avanti website? Its a really awesome idea!

  • Daniel Dizoglio says:

    Beautifully done but what would you need to tow this?

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