The Cozy Cottage








Just finished my latest masterpiece, “The Cozy Cottage”

It is 4mx6m, has a WC cubicle with composting toilet, 2 upper bed areas with dormer windows. It took 8 weeks to build and it lives in Esher, Surrey, UK.

Built by Custom Built in Surrey.


  • Lisa McCabe says:

    Come to Canada and build one for me! This is lovely. You must be very happy and proud.

  • Lisa E. says:

    You did a really nice job with this. Love the wavy roof line that sends the rain to either side of the front door instead of getting drenched in the runoff. If it were mine, though, I’d put in a compact staircase. Ladders are for kids and I’m getting along in years and prefer stairs these days.

  • That’s not a composting toilet. It is a “Separett” urine diverting toilet. Urine is diverted to a collection container, where it can be diluted and used for fertilizer, or sent to a “French Drain”. Solid waste goes into a bucket lined with a biodegradable bag, to be composted outdoors. For “townies” that don’t deal well with their own, let alone another persons excrement, one can cover “deposits” with wood chips or sawdust. I’ve had one for several years and like it MUCH better than my old “SunMar”!

    • Martin says:

      Agreed 100%!!! I refer to them as ‘compost’ toilets rather than composting toilets. They are a part of a composting system, with the other part being your compost pile which is outside. They are incredibly simple and very little can go wrong, unlike other systems.

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