Bayfield Tiny House


The latest build by Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes in Bayfield, Colorado.








A 8×28 tiny house on wheels with a 224 square feet floorplan and corrugated metal siding in Bayfield, Colorado. Designed and built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes.


  • Liz says:

    Well…I like the stairs, though it does feel a little cramped. The kitchen placement is a-typical for houses like this, so that’s nice to see (not sarcastic). I’m sure a minimalist would find that house perfectly wonderful. Cute work.

  • Mike says:

    Needs more wood.

  • Clare says:

    I love how this one looks – Not where I’d put the kitchen but I could live here.

  • Chris. says:

    Nice. As i build ,i get envious that we up here in Canada,do not have the luxury of affordable finishing lumber. IE,T & G. Even 2nds is an unrealistic ,price. For a TH. Especially for a 32Ft unit. Having to use 50% Ultralite DW. Will be nice to see this unit when finished and trimmed. Stairs in TH,are a problem,ever thought of a Tansu,that slides into its self? Will publish the design,soon.Space it takes up . 14″ x 30″,with each step a drawer.The higher it goes the wider it becomes.Still only 14 deep. Happy building.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    NO the stove and the refer are blocking part of window. no vent for stove. coffin-like sleeping loft

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