Casa de la Esperanza


This tiny house on wheels in Frisco, Texas houses its owners when they aren’t in Africa helping people in need.










  • 9418 says:

    “Casa de Esperanza” is correct. “Casa De La Esperanza” is incorrect. Someone please pass it along to them.

  • Kathy Ward says:

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your darling home. God bless you and your work in Uganda. What work are you involved in when you are in the states?

  • Rebeca says:

    “Casa de la esperanza” is 100% correct and means home of hope, “Casa de Esperanza” is also correct, though it kind of suggest it is the house of somebody called “Esperanza”, which can happen. So if the meaning is the first, as a Spanish person, I would go for the first version.

  • Nancy says:

    Just wanted to know where you park it while you are out of town. I live in the Frisco area and cannot find any place that accept Tiny Houses in the RV parks. Thanks.

  • Kathy says:

    Nice to see a genuinely lived-in TH. Your wife did a great job of decorating, and kudos to Tennessee Tiny Homes: they have built quite a few by now, and their experience really shows.

    Uganda’s suffered terribly, and I applaud your helping people who don’t deserve to suffer this way. I am concerned, though, about the vicious persecution of gays there, including beatings and kidnapping, encouraged by some pastors such as Martin Ssempa,and a paper I’m sure you’re familiar with, the Red Pepper, which outs gays specifically to endanger them.

    I hope your church stands against such persecution and for human rights for all the citizens of Uganda.

  • Danni says:

    Easily one of the most livable TH I’ve ever seen! Great decor, everything you need, etc. I love the kitchen!

  • Julie says:

    Your house is lovely! I want to know where you got ALL your décor? If your wife did all this, I am VERY impressed! Taking some of your ideas for my studio apt. that I’m moving into. 🙂

    • Julie says:

      Would you please post where we can find out where your wife purchased some of the items?

      • Ben Pahlow says:

        Hi Julie,
        Birds nest with leaves around railings are from Joan Fabric. Most of kitchen stuff is from IKEA. Couch Target. Curtains, home made. Ottoman Target. Some of the framed word pics like Love you more and you are my sunshine are from Target. Birds nest Wreath is from Joanne Fabrics. Shower curtain from Target.

  • Richard says:

    Is there a tiny house community in Frisco?

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