The Weekender


The weekender is a tiny house on wheels with a huge detached deck surrounding it in Austin, Texas.

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  1. I can’t work out why I dislike this so much, nowhere to sit, nowhere to eat, an odd bathroom plan where the shower opens out on to the ” living area”. There isn’t anywhere to cook a meal or to sit and eat the meal. The outdoors looks lovely and the deck is great. The worst thing about this is the lonely pillow on the bed, this would have looked so much better with about 4 pillows and a decent duvet, what is this supposed to be. I liked the sink in the bathroom and the shower if it was in the bathroom .

  2. I’m guessing guest accommodation. Bed, bath and coffee making facilities. Pity the shower also looks through the clear entrance doors. A strategically placed vace of flowers is not going to give the level of privacy I would want. Shower curtains yet to be installed?

    The decking looks wonderful though.

  3. Ooops not weekender. Still you need to eat even if it is a ‘weekender’. oh dear and that should have said vase not vace of flowers.

  4. It looks half finished and I do not understand the window to the shower. The bed dominates too much – with a nasty bedspread (I know, this is subjective. But the house has a Japanese vibe, and the bedspread just do not do it with this style – it should be very simple without too much patterns or flounces).

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