Casa de la Esperanza


This tiny house on wheels in Frisco, Texas houses its owners when they aren’t in Africa helping people in need.

  • Richard

    Is there a tiny house community in Frisco?...

  • Ben Pahlow

    Hi Julie, Birds nest with leaves around railings are from Joan Fabric. Most of kitchen stuff i...

Nomadic Tiny House

nomadic-tiny-house-1A tiny house on wheels built by Nomadic Cabins in Austin, Texas.

  • Steph

    This tiny house may be perfect for folks in excellent health but not for people with injuries o...

  • Take a tour of The Nomadic Tiny Cabin

    […] The Nomadic Tiny House in Austin, Texas. You can see more of it over at Tiny House Sw...

The Workhouse


Conor’s 84 square feet tiny house that he had built and moved to Spur, Texas for some simple living.

  • Leah

    Making the most of 84 sq. ft! Very well thought out....

  • Kristina H Nadreau

    if you have not read his additional comments, plz do i like everything about his story an...

Patty’s Tiny House


Patty’s tiny house on wheels in Austin, Texas.

  • Laura @ The Tiny House Farm

    I like how roomy it feels. I lime that the kitchen has a bit of separation from the rest of it....

  • Tazshia

    Absolutely in love with every detail. Swooning over the barrel tub. Is there any way to rent ...

Llano Exit Strategy


A compound of small, modern cabins in Texas.

  • Lori Lamb

    Not for me....

  • MaryM

    Isn't this the community that the homes don't have a "kitchen" as there is a separate building ...

30′ Tiny House


A tiny house in Texas mounted on a three axle frame.

  • Lisa E.

    I like the picture of the TH sandwiched between the two tractor trailers; very cute :)...

  • Anna

    I must have missed that page last time. Thanks!...

Baxa Tiny House


A tiny house on wheels with some unique storage features in Texas.

  • Randi

    Beautiful home. You did a wonderful job....

  • Ginger McIntosh

    Overall really like the house. I agree with some comments made by feels claustro...