The Weekender


The weekender is a tiny house on wheels with a huge detached deck surrounding it in Austin, Texas.

  • D. Pedersen

    It looks half finished and I do not understand the window to the shower. The bed dominates too ...

  • Robin

    Lovely exterior. Love the deck & the bathroom too....

Denis’s Tiny House


A custom tiny house constructed with SIP panels and mounted on a trailer. Denis (the new owner) is one lucky fella.

  • Mavis

    SIPs panels, just what I have been planning. Do we have a price on this build? I'm more minimal...

  • Bob G

    I could be wrong, but that cabinet under the stairs looks like a re-tasked ice box from the old...

Ana’s Tiny House


Jacob and Ana built a tiny house. Now it resides peacefully in a small meadow.

  • Ben Backhouse

    This looks like the sort of lifestyle I would enjoy to be honest. It's just the simple things y...

  • Derek

    I am amazed at the idiocy and laziness of those that felt the need to jump on here and bash/tra...

Ridgway Tiny House


A uniquely-designed tiny house in Ridgway, Colorado.

  • frank

    one of the coolest designs I have seen. basic yet functional on the inside. the observation dec...

  • diana olteanu

    nice use of space pls clarify what is the refrigerator brand. thanks diana in Seattle...

Tiny By Design


This tiny house has a drawer that slides out to become a bed. Speaking of slide outs, it has one of those too.

  • Deb

    Creative design with the bed, But the mixes of woods and furniture styles is a bit confusing....

  • Jean

    So far, my favorite little house to date!! I love the pull-out bed under the closet. I also lik...

Lilypad, an Exotic Eco-Sanctuary


Anita’s tiny house in Portland has a bohemian style inside and features a unique curved roof.

  • Michelle

    WOW!!! Absolutely lovely! Great job! Love the colors. Very charming and cozy! <3...

  • Jennifer Buttino

    Anita, I love your TH! Very clever how you utilized the space. In most the TH I've seen, the ...

Rewild Homes Tiny House


This little home has some unique and pretty cool features. Like hand-hewn countertops with the moss still on.

  • Fanya Houston

    Sad, but good warning!...

  • Fanya Houston

    Agreed. I am good with a counter top convection oven (I have one that has 2 racks and does up t...



The Lindley is a bright and airy tiny home with high-quality materials used inside and out.

  • Tiny Life Construction, LLC

    Hi Judy, sorry for the late response! this model does not have a restroom sink, but you can ad...

  • Judy

    Love, love, love this! I do have some questions though. First, is there a bathroom sink? Also, ...

Teeny Tiny Home


This super-time has some pretty cool features like a tv framed into the wall to free up more space inside the home.

  • Roozter

    My thoughts, exactly!...

  • Michaela

    Maybe she was posing the question where are the stairs to access it or rails to keep a kid from...

Free Range


A tiny house with a minimalist, unique interior layout.

  • Jackie

    I think night owls will like it, for the lack of windows. I would probably throw in a fan since...

  • Sta Cle

    I think it's just perfect for the person that knows how to add a shelf where they want one, a d...