This tiny house leaves very little to be desired with posh styling and intuitive layout.









  • Aleks Alonso says:

    Please send me more information about this house! Can it be shipped to the US? What’s the price?

  • garrett says:

    Gimme! I want. Bathtub and deck <3 I won't leave

  • Lauralmhs says:

    Swoon! This is one of the nicest I’ve seen, with so many features that place it ahead of others: a living room that is actually comfortable, welcoming and versatile, plus a full bathtub, and a loft that looks to have reasonable headroom. Super-nice!

  • Timaree says:

    I think I am in love with this one! So beautiful!

  • Lori says:

    This may be the most beautiful tiny home I’ve ever seen. I wonder how much it costs and what the weight is?

  • SBC says:

    Ahhh – a tiny with the loft NOT above the kitchen/bath. I worry about moisture/steam issues (insufficient venting and moisture control) and all that vapor slowly steaming both floor boards as well as mattress in a loft-above-kitchen/bath. I never want to give mold and mildew a single chance, especially where I would sleep. Looks like they have that all taken care of. Plus a closet(!!!), bathtub, stairs to bed, storage bedbox… Bravo, Minimaliste!

  • Paige says:

    One of the best I’ve seen anywhere, ever.

  • g.m. says:

    Oh, yes. This is the thinking person’s tiny house.

  • Susan McNamara says:

    I love this! Do we know what the square footage and cost is?

  • gmh says:

    I think I am in love! Seriously, there is nothing I would change about this. I love the colors, the layout, the kitchen faucet, the living room, the bedroom… Ahh…

  • Janet says:

    Ditto. Love this.

    The one thing (there’s always one) I would miss is a counter with counter stools for eating or working. But living area is sensational.

  • Brenda says:

    This is how it’s done! The website is in French, so if anyone manages to get the square footage please share!

    • Ralph says:

      If you click on the black box, with the letters EN, at the top right of the homepage, you can see the site in English.

    • Elena says:

      Their website is bilingal. Just click the button on top right corner to toggle between french and English!

    • Janina says:

      Hi Brenda, When you go to the website, press the button in the top right that says “EN.” That will take you to the English website. Yes, this is absolutely beautifully executed.

  • alice h says:

    Wow! This one could convert me to modern design!

  • Barb Duder says:

    SWWOOONNNN – truly a swoon-worthy home. I WANT. Look at those closets!! And that sofa!!

  • Monica Sweere says:

    This is the finest TH I have ever seen. Truly well done.

  • Keith says:


  • Rozz says:

    The BEST TH design that I’ve ever seen! Fabulous!!

  • Chris. says:

    As a THOW Builder its the best i have seen.On a 5th wheel bravo. Same as i am building. More work but worth it. Very well done guys….. Interior is awesome. a tough act to follow. Love your pull out Tansu,and brilliant bed idea also, just might steal that,Lol.If you dont mind?Is the mechanism from Richelieu,Missisagua ? Or from Spain?

  • KelliAnn says:

    This tiny house has it all – great closet space, nicely laid out, functional kitchen with a decent fridge, comfortable living room, place to eat and a TUB! Bravo!!

  • Dorothy says:

    It is fabulous. I love the radiant floor heating. I’ve had that in an apartment and it is so cozy and keeps the heat down where you need it the most instead of on the ceiling. I saw this home somewhere before but didn’t realize that there was a little deck. I thought the ladder was just to an emergency access. It is that, of course, but the deck is a great perk. String lights and put a comfy chair with a table and enjoy the nights. Personally the tub doesn’t entice me. I’d rather have a shower and use the rest of the space for storage—but that’s just me. Most people like tubs. I also love all electric. I think it is much safer for a tiny home.

  • Jennifer Lebel says:

    This is home is so well planned! Kudos!
    From the website it says it’s 80K to 100K US depending on upgrades. 32′ long…goose-neck.

  • Samantha says:

    This is fabulous- total SWOOOON! Perfect layout for a small family like mine (actual bedroom for a single mama or couple and safer loft for one child- with the exception of some logistics like the deck entry). The owner of this home is a lucky client- the company has put a lot of thought into this home. I love how the coffee table can be a work desk, single table, or table for a dinner party. The living room is actually comfortable and would serve easily as both a lounging/tv area and a comfortable place for guests to sleep at night. This might be the best tiny home I’ve seen so far.

  • Cheryl says:

    Brilliant design. I like a minimalist look that includes dark wood. I could be quite comfortable in this house. I’d be claustrophobic in many of the typical lofts that I see in tiny houses, so I can really appreciate having a bedroom (with awesome storage!) in the gooseneck portion. He didn’t show if the sliding steps open up for a bit of storage. If not, that’s a missed opportunity for storing something or other. In the video, I liked his idea for having a small table to increase counter space as needed. I’d probably have a rolling table with drawers, matching the cabinetry, that could pull out from the cabinet space to the left of the sink. Well done all around!

  • Linda Rea says:

    I don’t really understand the sliding stairs. I think they are fine pulled all the way out and not in the way. I LOVE the living/ dining area. Very nicely done.

  • Brian says:

    Really nice. The bed looks like an air mattress. I wonder if that is just a personal preference or if you can still lift it up with a conventional mattress.

  • E Caruso says:

    Thank you for adding this video in English; a week ago I watched the longer one that you put out that was in French- I did my best to understand-based on the little bit of French that I remember from school over 30 yrs ago (not so much) Hahaha!!! So I was so happy to see this new video! Y’all did a great job on this custom build!

  • Nancy Brown says:

    What is the cost of the Sakura tiny house in the video?

  • Joanie Frix says:

    i really like the simple lifestyle. Clean lines and well thought out floor plans. Would like more information on Your Company. I have seen two of your house video’s. really like it. My only thought is I live in Georgia, U.S.A. you are in CAD.

  • Christina Ross says:

    Really interested in the Sakura build and would like to figure out something similar, not sure who to talk to. I live in the United States, can it be brought to the US. Just need contact info please. Your builds are wonderful, so keep up the good work. Thank you all.
    Nina Ross

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