Backcountry Container House


This shipping container home is only 20′ in length, but even with it’s pocket-sized it’s everything you need to live tiny.










A 20′, 150 square feet converted shipping container home in Houston, Texas. Built by Background Containers. More info. here.


  • Roland says:

    I love houses like this, but the prices are ridiculous. Their cheapest basic-shell model is $22K or $150/per sqft (before what you lose in walls and insulation). Then they are claiming on their site that this home is much cheaper than a traditional home built the same way, that you are saving on structural work and unnecessary construction. Price for delivery at 3 or 4 dollars a mile isn’t included. I just don’t see any kind of deal or savings

  • Roland says:

    I meant 110 per sqft…

  • garrett says:

    Sweet finally a tiny house with a roof top add a small bedroom uptop..enlarge the vathroom area to fit a tub and a second deck above the bedroom

  • gunguru01 says:

    I think if I were to fix anything it would be to seal up the shower to keep water from going into the walls. Other than that very nice. Great little cabin.

  • Mary Dixon says:

    The sink is the best feature in the kitchen but how in the world can you cook in a sink?

  • Dorothy says:

    I like the flooring and love the rooftop deck. I assume you sleep in the seating area? It doesn’t look comfortable for lounging or sleeping. I also don’t see anyway to cook and I don’t see a refrigerator. I do like container homes but this one is missing way too many vital features.

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