The Monocle


The Monocle is a very unique tiny house, especially when you get to the rear area where the wet back and soaking tub are. Dreamy.









  • Dee says:

    This is simply beautiful. Gorgeous bathroom with a view, fab pull out cupboards & cupboard doors, totally cute fireplace, lovely fixture and fittings and it looks light and spacious. Just love it.

  • Elle says:

    Is there a washing machine/dryer in there somewhere? Absolutely LOVE this design!

  • Colleen says:

    I don’t think so, they have a video on YouTube and they didn’t show one. But it does have two HUGE closets so maybe they could replace the one closest to the bathroom with an upright or a combo unit/folding area and cupboard above? They seem to really use client input for the design and layout.

  • Jason says:

    The 10ft wide design is clever. It’s still legal on the road, with some restrictions. But if you only plan to move the house once in a great while, that’s not a big deal. Especially if you’ll hire a licensed and INSURED company to move the house for you. Better to gain 2ft in width than quibble about a road restriction. Brilliant!

  • alice h says:

    That extra width really makes a difference. Beautifully light and bright and very functional.

  • Brian says:

    Totally agree. The extra 2 ft width is so nice.

  • Annette says:

    This is gorgeous. How is the fireplace vented?

  • diana says:

    will like to know when was this constructed bought and how much does cost please.

  • Jacqui says:

    Definitely one of my favorites! Would make a couple of adjustments for my own needs, but that’s a given for any of these custom tiny homes. I think this is brilliant and the owners must be so happy with the finished product!

  • P says:

    Such a liveable design and easy to make modifications for say, a larger fridge & laundry. My question is is the main sleeping area the couch/sleeper? A Murphy bed might be a good call if one did not want to do a loft…?

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