The Nixie

the-nixie-1I had a chance to visit and checkout The Nixie when it was still under construction and was impressed. The final product? Decide for yourself.











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A custom tiny house with floating washer/dryer in the bath area. Built by Tiny House Chattanooga.

Originally shared on Tiny House Swoon.


  • Taleis says:

    I’m confused by the bathtub lol… does rhe washer slide out? Is there more headroom than appears in the photo?

  • Mrs. M. says:

    Finally! Someone with taste did the décor that would appeal to a more mature buyer! Bravo! I’m tired of post-dorm-poverty and bare wood in tiny design. Although it does show off the shape and can be painted, it’s nice to see what a bit more effort can achieve.

    • Mrs. F says:

      Someone with taste? … a bit more effort? … a more mature buyer? There are plenty of mature buyers who don’t like tacky knick-knacks and prefer a clean, minimalist design. If that doesn’t appeal to you, by all means, please decorate as you please. Don’t insult those of us who don’t share your design preferences by implying we are tasteless and have not made a effort to have a beautiful home when there is simply a difference of opinion on what is pleasing.

      Decor and needlessly mean commentary aside, I’m wondering how comfortable it would be to take a bath in the tub or how easy it would be to clean in that underneath area. Mold might be a concern.

    • Kristina H Nadreau says:


    • Kayla says:

      It’s nice that this suits your taste, but I don’t see what it has to do with age.

  • Penny says:

    What is the asking price?

  • Laura says:

    Exactly what I am looking for! Price?

  • Pat Quidley says:

    What is asking price?

  • am says:

    Is this actually for sale and if so what is the price.

  • Judy Nobles says:

    how much? how can I get one???

  • Norris 720 says:

    Everything looks marvelous until you get to the bathroom. Poor design or last minute add on for the washer/dryer over the Tub. Move it over where the closet is.

  • Lisa E. says:

    Very nice, but once again, no dimensions. I don’t want the square footage; I want the dimensions.
    I agree that the placement of the washer/dryer is confusing (and it interferes with the shower). Since both of the windows downstairs are covered against the light, I’d sacrifice the size and/or placement of the window over the work counter and put the w/d right above that work counter so you can pull your laundry right onto that counter for folding and perhaps storage below.
    Other than a couple of personal tweaks, this is a winner!

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    location of washer is a loser

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    and the tv screen placement is a neck breaker. visually appealing . kitchen appears functional. composting toilet? not for me. hope the woman who ordered this built stays more than a year.

  • perfect décor, fixtures my only regret is the bathtub/washing machine/dryer very weird out side of that and a regular toilet I would choose this a thousand times over very classy beautiful well set up maybe a TV in the bedroom but love love love

  • Rachel Raimi says:

    Attractive finishes, but poor space planning. The washer obstructing the tub is ridiculous at best and dangerous at worst, and I can’t imagine it’s pleasant to sit on that space-hogging sofa staring directly into a – staircase? Replace the stairs with a movable ladder, relocate or lose the washer and you might have a livable space.

  • Rozz says:

    That W/D combo in the shower is stupid! What a waste of bathtub space…

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