Stump Sprout Tiny House

A tiny house on wheels with some nice interior woodwork.

A 128 square feet tiny house on wheels in Portland, Maine. More info. here.


  • Sandra says:

    This is a really nice tiny house. The only real problem I see is the builder has sacrificed living space for storage. The way the wheels are situated and the built in storage in the alcove basically leave the unit with no place to relax and sit down comfortably. I would not have those storage benches there, rather a big comfy chair…also not a fan of the little porch..takes up to much space. Really nice job of building it tho!

  • The porch is actually a blessing if you live in an area with snow since it allows you to knock off the snow from clothes and shoes before coming inside.

    Personally I like bench seating as long as its lower and had GREAT cushions so one can relax like on a sofa. And white ceilings and walls which are calming for me mentally.

    The different woods used make the place seem cluttered and smaller. I like simply clean all on type wood for flooring, cabinets.

    • Sandra says:

      Bench seating is not comfy enough. A nice chair with a soft back is a pre requisite to living space. Reclaimed wood is often a cheap alternative but does always match.

  • Janet says:

    How much is it and where is it?

  • Michael says:

    The act of opening the front door knocks you off the front porch.

  • Calypso says:

    I’ve been looking at tiny houses online for a year now, gathering ideas and design styles. I really love the warmth and perky variety of this tiny home’s wood interior. The windows are fabulous and really unusual to see them in this size and quantity. It makes the interior so light and brings the view of the outside into the living space. The added storage is a good idea (one of my worries with tiny housing) and I really liked the shelving next to the bed. The kitchen is phenomenal and appears more spacious than most tiny homes. This strikes me as a great place for someone less concerned long periods spent indoors. Someone who wants beauty and to keep the necessaries organized. An outdoorsy person who has a lovely nest to fly back to. I really like it. Thanks.

  • I love this little house! The craftsmanship and woodworking are both professional and delightful. I envy the lucky human that gets to make a cozy nest on those storage benches – and have a place to put their things!!

  • Kyle says:

    Beautifully done! The flooring and kitchen are amazing!

  • Paul B. says:

    I love this little house. I’ve been wanting to live in a Tiny House in Portland, ME for a long time but I haven’t been able to figure out where to park it! I wonder if this house is legal, per Portland, ME code/regulations?

  • Di says:

    Custom built-ins are expensive to build and maintain. Leave open space for rearranging future furniture. Try floor cushions.

    One set of stackable dishes/pans as well as dry goods easily fit beneath a kitchen sink or in a corner carousel cabinet.

    Think carefully about the future as well as what little is really needed.

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