The Limit Beach Hut

A small home consisting of two buildings overlooking the shores of Loch Ewe.

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  1. i just love this! i have been looking at so many styles of small homes! i believe this would work for me! i would love to know the sizes of sheds used for each? may i ask, did you build the sheds or bought? from who? im very VERY interested in doing this for myself! ( single white 51 yr old woman!) please tell me all!

  2. hello! love this very much! im going to do the same thing on a small piece of land I have. could I ask the size of each sheds. reason im asking is im only allowed a 12 wide and 24 long. since this is a small and cozy place im hoping the sizes are the same! you can email me if you would like at …….. [email protected]

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