Seawright Guest Caravan


A cedar-sided guest home with a 160 square feet footprint.







a 160 square feet guest home built by Hornby Island Caravans.


  • Lydia says:

    Very Nice, Is there a bathroom in this guest house?

  • 2BarA says:

    Nice cabin inside and out, but why no small bathroom? There’s room for one.

  • nathan says:

    It’s Hornby Island not “horny island”……. Tho the second could be a fun place to visit.

  • Shield says:

    I like best the “skin” of this one, and in the interior the arched ceiling.

    As a retreat on has to assume it sits in a backyard with immediate access to a house for the necessitities of life, and may well suit the intended purposes of its owner/builder. As for my perceived needs as a “guest” the lack of at least a “honey pot” for nocturnal needs would be an issue. Certainly if I were investing the funds to meet my own declared needs, not only a bath but a kitchen must be provided, which is well beyond the scope here. Still, I will “take away” the sense of space with that arched ceiling, and windows placed well for light and view, and the sheathing in cedar shingles something pleasing to the eye, blending in due course to the wooded surround.

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