Le Petite Chateau


Betsy’s tiny guest quarters in Mississippi.










  • Very nice. It has everything you need. Spacious bathroom.

  • Very cute…but … That bathroom space should really have a door…don’t you think?

  • Karin says:

    Why do people take these pictures of something they want to obviously show off and don’t bother to clean up the place.. The floor is terribly dirty (and ugly), the place is either dirty are messy in almost every picture. I can practically “smell” the stuffiness from here. Another hour of elbow grease and someone with an eye for color, could have made this place so cute… Just looks like a shack. I’m disappointed in the lack of care this tiny apartment has received. The only way I would stay in that place is if I was locked inside and couldn’t get out. Gives me a real creepy feeling.

    • Hi Juanita,
      The home is not dirty. The floor is stained concrete so perhaps in the photos you thought you so debris. It is actually immaculate. Sorry you saw something that didn’t exist.


  • Hi
    I just need to tell you that “Chateau” is a masculine noun, therefore the adjective-noun agreement does not make sense here. PetitE with an E is only used for feminine nouns such “La Petite Maison”, so therefore “Le Petite Chateau” is grammatically incorrect and will cause embarrassment should any French speaking visitors arrive.

  • Randi says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Gun says:

    Anyone else noticed the strategic placement of the TV just in front of the toilet. (as a shy woman, a mere curtain to cover the opening to the bathroom would never suffice). Other than that I really like this tiny house. 🙂

  • Wolf says:

    The house is nice, but the title doesn’t honour it: since a french castle, ‘un château’, is masculin, the name should rather be “le petit château”… (‘petite’ is only used for feminine nouns…)

  • Lisa E. says:

    This motel is the best reason for having one’s own Tiny House on Wheels (THOW). Just everything here looks overly used and very dirty: the rugs, the flooring, the shower curtain, the shower tiles, the shower floor and where it connects to the floor, the base of the toilet, the seedy bedspread… yikes! This is EXACTLY why one needs to have their own THOW: their own shower, toilet, kitchen, bed and everything else, all brand new. I can hardly wait to get mine built!

  • Truman Green says:

    Among the many reasons for living in a tiny unit is that it is easy to keep them clean. I live in a
    26 foot motorhome and love the fact that I can clean the whole interior in about 30 minutes, whereas
    my house was an ongoing adventure in cleaning and maintenance. Less time cleaning equals more time
    for things I love to do–just sitting around thinking.

    This little house seems quite dirty to me, which makes the inclusion of these photos a bit of a mystery.

    Don’t quite get it.

  • I never thought about someone perceiving the irregularities in the stained concrete floor as “dirt”. It’s not dirt you are seeing, it’s a few flaws in the staining. The cottage was freshly painted with a brand new shower curtain, brand new rugs, and a brand new vintage-look chenille bedspread at the time of these photos. This little cottage gets 5 star reviews and the cleanliness is often mentioned. I was planning to re-do the floor in the near future.

  • jessica says:

    How close is this to the beach? I would love to find out more information about this place and availability.

  • PHYLLIS says:


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