Hummingbird Tiny House


Hummingbird Housing’s first tiny house built in Georgia.








A 190 square feet tiny house on wheels in Danville, Georgia built by Hummingbird Housing. More info. here.


  • Lisa E. says:

    Very nice. Looks very liveable. Love the bedroom; cozy but roomy and enough windows to stave off claustrophobia.
    Really good job.

  • Lynda N. says:

    My only concern as a senior citizen I am like many others who can no longer climb stairs except with difficulty and ladders are definitely not an option, the loft sleeping area wouldn’t work. Otherwise, very well done.

  • Denise Ryals says:

    Thanks for the comments. Some times my mom will stay with me in the Tiny, so I put a couch that has a bed in it. The livingroom is just large enough for the bed to let out. Thanks again.

  • Barbara says:


    1. Does the stated sf amount include loft and porch?
    2. Where does the refridge go?

    I think this house is adorable. I’m looking to buy a tiny home, but I was hoping to have stairs (which I think I can build along wall where TV and stove are) and room for washer and dryer. A few feet longer and I’d be visiting you to seal our deal.

    Thx, Barbara

    • Denise Ryals says:

      Hey Barbara,
      YES, we can make this house longer and with stairs. We have a design with a bedroom down stairs and you still have your loft for guest. washer/dryer combo will fit in the bathroom.I just had some new pictures taken check my web site in a few days hope to have them loaded soon. If you will facebook me I should have them on my page tonight. Denise Ryals hummingbird housing. Give me a call we can talk. (478)-599-0587

  • mike says:

    why do you not go 8 foot wide ?

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