Ledge-style Caravan


This guest space built by Hornby Island Caravans was designed to sleep four people.









  • Jeff says:

    I find this “sleep-only” concept very interesting. No bathroom. No kitchen. Would be great for folks who like to cook outside and function well in climates that are warm/cool year round. Being a guest space means it doesn’t have to have all the amenities. Very well designed and built, it appears. I have to admit that until I saw this one I just wasn’t a fan of caravan style. Nice work.

    • Thomas Malkin says:

      A Nature’s Head toilet *could* be on rails, underneath that tall bed. Open a sliding door, or curtains, grab a handle, pull out the guzunder from downunder, and when you’re finished, push it back under. No doubt there’d be a flexable airhose connecting it to the fan and outside vent. As for washing and such, one tank for water above a sink, one tank for greywater, a very simple sink, and gravity does the work. Or, you could install a water system under the bed, around the guzunder assembly.
      Showers are problematic, but think: do you have to stand up to take a shower? How about a waist high tub with a built-inchair, and a hose? A japanese shower. Heck, one could mount THAT on rails and keep it under the bed.

  • Jane says:

    Hi is this caravan for sale? Love the interior as well as the exterior.
    I’m looking to buy a local, BC, built Tiny Zhouse. Has to be reasonable.
    You are from Hornby Island. I’m near Zhorse Shoe Bay.

  • joan says:

    Outstanding job! Simple, could be designed as permanent tiny house with a little larger trailer. Love the Concept. Fascinated with the Vardo style.

  • Joanne says:

    Another beautiful caravan from Michelle Wilson on Hornby Island. They are beautifully built with the eye of an artist and the skill of a master carpenter!

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