Woodcutter’s Cottage


An intentionally-rustic holiday home in The UK.






A tiny cottage on wheels in East Sussex, England, United Kingdom at Swallowtail Hill.


  • I love this I want one. What are the dimensions? How much will it cost to buy? Where is the porta potty?

    • CrowDogWidow says:

      I so LOVE this!
      This is almost identical to the interior layout of the Airstream I am turning into my tiny home.
      If I could have afforded to build something like what you have created, I would happily have done so.
      It’s wonderful!

  • Patty Sutton says:

    It is so charming and lovely. I’d trade the couches on one end for a bathroom.

  • That is so whimsical and cute..

  • Lisa E. says:

    This is really nice. They have replaced the thatch roof (which needs to be replaced often) with shake shingles and retained the interesting thatch roof silhouette. I don’t know what they would use this for; the beds suggest a family with two children (otherwise, I can’t see the double wide bed for an all male team of wood cutters.)

    If I were to change this, I would take out the two single beds and put a full bath with shower and commode and wall it off from the kitchen area for privacy and I’d remove the draperies from right above the gas lit stove. I don’t care for the leopard print support beams in the ceiling, so I’d probably put a stain or finish on them. Love the sink and the fact that the whole unit is up off the ground away from the damp.

    Overall, this is a wonderful look.

  • Bob K says:

    I like the over all looks of the house. With the stove so close to the bed is it too hot to sleep ? Where is the shower and toilet ? Outside ? Maybe a pull out would be a nice adition.

  • Sparrow says:

    If this model were expanded upon to include a decent bathroom, plus a few more windows, this would be a winner. One of the most charming tiny house designs I’ve ever seen!

  • Doug Smith says:

    This is wonderful.
    HOWEVER: The curtains hanging directly over the stove is a HUGE fire hazard.
    Too common a mistake w/ tiny homes.
    Since this is small and wood, this ‘mistake’ is SO deadly as to cancel all the beauty and hard work in this home.
    Please, folks, don’t make this mistake in your own tiny home-or any other.

  • Pam says:

    It’s the cutest Tiny House I’ve seen!! The memories you’d make would be great!! I’d take this hands down!!♡♡♡♡

  • Sara says:

    This is a fabulous tiny home! It’s too small for my needs and yes, I’d want a bathroom w/ shower etc, but this home just feels so inviting and comfortable. I adore the rustic look and feel, the beams/rafters, the amazing wooden kitchen shelves and “counter” and the outdoor space. Congrats to whoever built/decorated this one!

  • Peggy Trivilino says:

    This charming little house doesn’t seem to have an electricity hookup since I don’t see any lamps or light fixtures in the pictures. And, since there is no faucet connected to the sink, It would appear that there is no running water either. Both deficiencies are a real hindrance to day-to-day living without even taking into consideration the lack of a bathroom/water closet.

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