Custom Craftsman Built on Tiny House Nation


Craftsman tiny house with two bedrooms built on the TV show Tiny House Nation in Utah.

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  1. Is it just me, or are tiny houses inexorably moving toward being…houses? (And I hope they aren’t planning to put an infant in that hammock thing.)

  2. Before I read the comments I was thinking “what a convoluted exterior. It could have been streamlined for sure. But the interior is certainly well thought out. I’d really appreciate the headspace tin the sleeping lofts. I also love the use of drywall and bead board in a light colour. It makes for a more airy home. In general it’s pretty nice.

  3. Very Nice,well done.
    The fixtures ,cabinets ,appliances must have cost a fortune,woodwork looks as if a huge amount of time and cost has been put in.Whats the length,sq Footage? Tonnage? I imaging it is wired for 40KW or more? She looks as if its 13-6 High.
    Just starting on the interior of my Goose neck interior,now the exterior is complete.340 sq ft. 36 Ft long. A lot of interest as first TH in the Interior of BC. A lot of work for one person to construct from start to completion .Now the inside,and a lot of fun for the coming winter. A very nice looking unit. Regards Chris.

  4. While I think this is beautiful on the inside, and I understand why it looks like it does on the outside (the double lofts, more headroom); the reason most tiny houses don’t have these things is so you can tow them easily. If you are going to disregard that, then you may as well give yourself more sq. footage, make it wider, even more headroom, etc.

  5. I don’t believe they ever stayed a single night in this house. It was on the market so fast after the episode was aired. Maybe Park City said “no way you can live full time in that”.

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