• Mik says:

    What’s the price for the Boehm as featured ?

  • Robyne says:

    I like the fact that there is a main level bedroom/other use if necessary. Also the larger than usual shower stall. Overall a very good setup.

  • smitty says:

    This is a very poor design.

    1) Entrance/Exit – step down/up, that is a neck/leg/hip breaker for sure!
    2) TV located way up at the ceiling! Talk about neck strain!

  • SW says:

    Incredible! Beautiful and so much storage, very efficient design! The TV could be relocated per owners preference so that’s not really an issue.

  • Hauser says:

    What state is this in?

  • Jan says:

    The storage is enclosed. This is great! A lot of people don’t realize that with a tiny house if you use your kitchen to cook any kind of meat or use oil to cook anything on the stovetop you will generate a certain amount of grease that mixes with the steam and will accumulate on walls and ceiling. This can be ameliorated with frequent cleaning and wiping of walls and all items displayed outside of an enclosed cabinet. Not my cup of tea! Or you can cook all meats and anything cooked in oil in the oven or outside on the grill. You want smooth surfaces to wipe down. You can also hire someone to come in once or twice a year to do the wipe down for you. My favorite tiny house design. Just a slightly larger downstairs bedroom and a better location for the TV. Perfection!

  • Mary C says:

    The tv is too high, but I’m sure there’s a device made to lower the tv for viewing if one wishes.

  • Mary C says:

    Well designed, like the full size refrigerator/freezer very much.

  • Nancy Gipson says:

    I love everything about this! what is the price as is?

  • Susie Gibson says:

    As someone who is now old enough to be looking to be finishing work and potentially travelling, or at least journeying to stay with friends or visiting different places country-wide, it’s a relief to see a design that doesn’t compel me to scale ladders in order to sleep! #tinyhomesforoldpeoplewithdickyknees.

  • david head says:

    They’re all the same..

  • JBSilver says:

    This one came close. What surprises me most about tiny houses is all the room allowance for the kitchen area. In this kitchen I can see a stacked washer and dryer next to the fridge. I’d have windows over them. I don’t get having a stove right up under a window but one large window over the kitchen sink would be fine with stove off to the side of it. Storage under the sofa is brilliant. And a double duty bedroom on the main level makes a world of sense. My pet peeve is the double door and its location. I’d prefer the wall space personally. A large window over the sofa and windows high enough to allow for a fireplace.r entertainment center, book selves or all three underneath. Add love seat with storage and one door by the fridge; then this house would be close to perfection. Or at the very least most like the one I may have built. All in all it is a beautiful home.

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