The Reagan


This craftsman style tiny house is on the larger side for a tiny house. It was built by Maximus Extreme Living Solutions in Utah.

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  1. No living space? What does the bathroom look like? What about the bedroom? How big is the sleeping area? Too many wrong pictures.

  2. That kitchen is awful – and it seems like all the living space is eaten up by the giant stair case. Where does the couch go? I also agree with the pictures – they are poorly done.

  3. How do you access the standing height bedroom in the gooseneck? The stairway in the photograph appears to lead to a high wall or ledge that must be climbed over.

  4. I agree with all the comments above. A lot of wasted space used. It looks so pretty from the outside, except the porch with no door.

  5. Who would buy this? Horrible layout, ZERO counter space/hardly any kitchen storage, the hot water heater exposed like that, the weird asymmetrical cut out above the sink, and where exactly is the living space? This is a nightmare of a “house”.

  6. This house makes me feel like I can’t breath! From the small jail house windows, to the sink wedged under a staircase, to the weird placement of the light switches, to the bar fridge floating above a cat door, to the abundance of planes on the roof, to the horrible light fixtures. Looking at it is like falling though the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. How peculiar. And, please! Don’t make me go in there!

  7. It would be nice to see this one after the personal belongings are installed – also a couple sentences of backstory placed here at Swoon about the owners lifestyle and a building decision or two would help me understand such an interior configuration. And, yes, a great shot of that stand-up loft with closet is NECESSARY after reading about it in the description. I am not really liking due to the great number of interior cuts, corners and angularity, but I am nevertheless intrigued – highly unusual floor plans sometimes hide a nifty solution to thorny layout problems. As a person who lives without tv, I can actually understand life without a huuge tv couch/recliner – books are read anywhere and everywhere in my place – but I don’t see the permanent space for even the much-maligned padded bench on which to perch while tying shoes.

  8. How tall is it? Would it easily clear a highway overpass without getting stuck? I would assume that a longer tiny home has a place for a small couch; if not the second loft would work as living space. But I would need stairs put in for my dog and a door for the porch.

  9. Maximus Extreme must refer to the drag coefficient.

    Swingin’ for the outfield with a whiff and a miss. Very few bad ideas left unembraced. You’ll see this one sagging on blocks on a vacant lot in less than a decade.

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