The Ventana features something many tiny houses don’t, a separate downstairs private bedroom.

  • Kimberly McKenzie

    I’m interested in purchasing this Tiny Home. If you could I’d like too get more detailed pi...

  • Tilesbay

    This is really nice. :-)...

Zion Cabin

This tiny house in Utah is comprised of two structures.

  • Frank

    It is beautiful and is it tiny, I have no idea what the other es are talking about but great de...

  • laceystew

    I agree, this is not a tiny house. However, it is a nice home....

Park City Tiny House

It’s pretty apparent that the owners of this tiny house are into dogs.

  • Isadora Guidoni

    This tiny house is sooo adorable! It looks tiny on the outside, but it's pretty spacious on the...

  • smitty

    way too small! no screens on the windows is an invitation for bugs to enter!...

English Cottage


This cottage on wheels with a fold-down deck looks very similar to the old, small cottages you’ll find along the countryside in England.

  • Verbruggen Christine

    Dîtes-moi où les trouver en Europe, le catalogue des prix aussi????...

  • Jana

    Finally, a tiny house that fits me to a T. Well, almost. Love the tub but would want one you ca...

The Reagan


This craftsman style tiny house is on the larger side for a tiny house. It was built by Maximus Extreme Living Solutions in Utah.

  • Mike

    Maximus Extreme must refer to the drag coefficient. Swingin' for the outfield with a whiff a...

  • Susan K McKenzie

    How tall is it? Would it easily clear a highway overpass without getting stuck? I would assume ...

Tiny Lifeguard Station House


A tiny house fit for Baywatch! The good folks at Upper Valley Tiny Homes just finished this themed lifeguard house in Utah.

  • Mike

    TTHOM2 is right. You can do a theme without slavishly duplicating a lifeguard station. Just a...

  • Sharon

    I was wondering when a lid would be put on the shower. High priority for me knowing how mold l...

Hexagon House

hexagon-house-1Austin is a designer/sculptor/artist in Salt Lake City that decided to take a stab at building a tiny house. The Hexagon House is the result.

Autism Tiny Home


Sarah is a young autistic woman in need of a tiny house to be parked next to her parent’s home. Maximus Extreme built a tiny house to meet her specific needs.

  • Barb Duder

    I love fun!! And wait (gasp!!) is that REAL clothing storage??? Lovely!!...

  • Bob G

    Ha! I meant Centered....

30′ Off Grid Tiny House


The latest build by Upper Valley Tiny Homes. Video tour included before being shipped out.

  • Steph

    The complete customization and appearance/feel of a house, vs a camper. I look at the 5th wheel...

  • Di

    Nice place that matches what the owner wanted, which makes it perfect. So I'm just nit-picking ...