Forest Cabin


Kelsey’s tiny cabin in the forest in Washington state.







Hello Tiny House Swoon,

You’ve had me swooning for years now and I can now say I’ve lived in a tiny home!

A cottage located in the lush green forests of Olympia, Washington with a view of Puget Sound. It’s a slice of heaven on earth. The cottage measures 15’x20′ and has a small bathroom with a shower. The kitchen’s flat lay-out occupies one wall of the space. The remainder is a single room with a wall/built-in bookcase room divider. Shelves at the rear of the bedroom nook and bathroom are all the storage there is to be had, but tiny living is minimalist living by default, right?

Thank you for sharing so many inspirational and beautiful tiny homes!

A 15×20 remote cabin in Olympia, Washington. Owned and shared by Kelsey Simpson.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


  • gmh says:

    Nice! I’m currently looking at a 20 x 20 cabin up near the Olympic Peninsula with a view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. This reminds me of it. Congrats to you for finding such a great place and for living the way you want. Washingtonians rock!

  • Jim LINN says:

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  • Jim LINN says:

    Call 813-785-7800

  • Sally Schrock says:

    What are land prices like in Washington State? I’m looking for forested acreage where I can set up my vintage 1959 mobile home…..

    • gmh says:

      Sally, anything on the I-5 corridor is pretty spendy. You have to go to the NW corner (rainforest) or NE corner, or somewhere in the middle to get decent prices. There are forests everywhere, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something. You just have to decide how remote you want to be and whether you want rain (west of the Cascades) or not so much rain (east of the Cascades). Try some realtors with good websites and see what is available.

  • Beenor says:

    way to go! small house, full life!

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