The Journey

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  • smitty says:

    This one is a beauty! ✔
    Wine cooler? I’ll drink to that!

  • Barbara Strachan says:

    This is the nicest one I’ve seen. I could live here!!!

  • Sandy says:

    This is an absolutely gorgeous tiny home, but some info on it’s sauce and price would be nice.

  • Mary McGuirk says:

    I do love the innovative headroom in the sleeping loft. With that design even seniors can feel comfortable in a loft and bedmaking isn’t impossible either.

    (I would consider making it with a bedslat (either a rope bed, woven strips like on old fashioned lawn chairs, or wood slats like on platform beds for the floor to put the mattress on, instead of using a few inches for flooring…just have a thin piece of fabric / vinyl on the kitchen side, and you have a spring for your mattress and possibly an inch or more extra headroom, but also a more comfortable bed)

  • Ruth Vallejos says:

    Wow! Great finishes, nice plan, and a beautiful sense of space. And that bathroom!! Love it! The designers are to be congratulated for creating a living room that is not just a wide space in a hallway. It’s a space. I could see relaxing there. I could see having neighbors over. You could even have a small book club meeting there. Just right.

  • Debbie Hamilton says:

    Absolutely beautiful! One of the best I’ve seen. Everything you need & even a closet!!!

  • corine Nse says:

    je suis conquise, c’est magnifique!

  • Linda Rea says:

    I Only need one thing…..a footstool and I’m ready to move in. I’ve seen tons of tiny houses here and this is it! Absolutely beautiful inside. I love the loft. The bathroom and kitchen are just great. Congratulations on a wonderful job.

  • laceystew says:

    Beautiful! Love everything about this Tiny Home except the step up to the bathroom.

    • James says:

      There is a twin size trundle bed hidden under the bathroom. It pulls straight out into the living room. That is the reason for the step up into the bathroom.

  • Cal says:

    Love this! Also, love the colorful you know where it’s from?

  • EW says:

    Beautiful tiny house……nicest one I’ve seen. Very well thought out. Wish there was a bedroom on lower level, but guess it woul have to be bigger.

  • Griffin says:

    The photography is excellent,too-
    the blue shown through in those exterior shots and the interior shots left no question marks…

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