The Journey

Alabama Tiny homes just completed the first iteration of their new model called “The Journey.” Here is goes it all of its tiny house glory.


  • smitty says:

    This one is a beauty! ✔
    Wine cooler? I’ll drink to that!

  • Barbara Strachan says:

    This is the nicest one I’ve seen. I could live here!!!

  • Sandy says:

    This is an absolutely gorgeous tiny home, but some info on it’s sauce and price would be nice.

  • Mary McGuirk says:

    I do love the innovative headroom in the sleeping loft. With that design even seniors can feel comfortable in a loft and bedmaking isn’t impossible either.

    (I would consider making it with a bedslat (either a rope bed, woven strips like on old fashioned lawn chairs, or wood slats like on platform beds for the floor to put the mattress on, instead of using a few inches for flooring…just have a thin piece of fabric / vinyl on the kitchen side, and you have a spring for your mattress and possibly an inch or more extra headroom, but also a more comfortable bed)

  • Ruth Vallejos says:

    Wow! Great finishes, nice plan, and a beautiful sense of space. And that bathroom!! Love it! The designers are to be congratulated for creating a living room that is not just a wide space in a hallway. It’s a space. I could see relaxing there. I could see having neighbors over. You could even have a small book club meeting there. Just right.

  • Debbie Hamilton says:

    Absolutely beautiful! One of the best I’ve seen. Everything you need & even a closet!!!

  • corine Nse says:

    je suis conquise, c’est magnifique!

  • Linda Rea says:

    I Only need one thing…..a footstool and I’m ready to move in. I’ve seen tons of tiny houses here and this is it! Absolutely beautiful inside. I love the loft. The bathroom and kitchen are just great. Congratulations on a wonderful job.

  • laceystew says:

    Beautiful! Love everything about this Tiny Home except the step up to the bathroom.

    • James says:

      There is a twin size trundle bed hidden under the bathroom. It pulls straight out into the living room. That is the reason for the step up into the bathroom.

  • Cal says:

    Love this! Also, love the colorful you know where it’s from?

  • EW says:

    Beautiful tiny house……nicest one I’ve seen. Very well thought out. Wish there was a bedroom on lower level, but guess it woul have to be bigger.

  • Griffin says:

    The photography is excellent,too-
    the blue shown through in those exterior shots and the interior shots left no question marks…

  • Jennifer says:

    Would you be willing to sell your design plans for this model? Could you give me an estimate on what the cost is for having this built? Thanks so much! Love Love Love this design!!

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