Wishbone Tiny Home


A tiny house on wheels in North Carolina.

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A tiny house on wheels in Asheville, North Carolina. Photos taken by Chris Tack at Tiny House Conference. Built by Wishbone Tiny Homes.


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  1. This looks so well built! Such a neat job! The stand outs are the Door and the kitchen! So pretty. I dont look at lofts without dormers anymore, way too clausty for me. Folks, please show the bathroom! even if it looks like a million other tiny bathrooms!
    The tinys with fancy front entries like this one are the most pretty. But I think the side entry views are more practical, a better layout. you dont have to squeeze the kitchen and bathroom together at the back end. I read somewher that its bad feng shui for the bathroom to open into the kitchen. The kitchen represents wealth, and with the bathroom facing it your wealth is going into the crapper, you mitigate that by putting a mirror on the bathroom door. That was the only thing i remember from reading that feng shui book, strange the things you remember. Do I believe it? well, i dont know, but if i was building a new house I would try to avoid it. besides that I just dont like it. a lot of times people with bathrooms that open into the kitchen use the kitchen sink to wash their hands, ewwww!

    1. What does it matter which sink is used to wash your hands in ?

      That type thinking is completely against the grain of efficient use of space in smaller quarters.

      I think having the toilet in the midst of a shower space makes good sense also.

      1. Its about basic hygiene. Thanks to your type of thinking, some workers feel they dont need to wash their hands after using the toilet because they work in a kitchen. Wash your hands before you leave the bathroom.

        Now that I come to think about it, I am remembering when I use public restrooms, how many people, in my case, women, who DO NOT wash their hands. If they dont wash them in public, they probably dont wash them at home.

        Look, people are going to build their houses the way they want to, face bowl or not. But PLEASE spare me the nonsense about face bowls are not an efficient use of space! Ha Ha Ha!

        A lot of the bathrooms shown in these tiny houses have a face bowl, and the ones without vanities don’t take up any floor space. Look at that yellow and white trailer, from the other day posted. It has a very cute face bowl with a conical bottom.

  2. Is this still for sale if not can you build and what is the cost? Did not see any pics of bathroom? What is the square footage? Thank you

  3. what a cool idea! I would much rather travel around in this than a caravan that’s for sure. I would be a bit conscious about fire hazards though.

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