The MH


The MH is a 3-axle tiny house that has a 240 square feet floorplan and was recently completed by Wishbone Tiny Homes.










  • gunguru01 says:

    I like it but for some reason the ceiling in the kitchen looks awful low.

  • Trish says:

    I’d like more info please…price range?

  • Joseffa Nijii says:

    I like this layout a lot. It has all the things I need/want.
    My only issue is the top step. I am not sure I can manage that.
    But I would have to try to be certain.

  • yolanda mc says:

    Too much kitchen not enough of living room space.

  • Brian says:

    That looks pretty good. Thank you for the railing. 🙂 The wooden shower I’m not sure about. That wooden ledge is a problem area. Overall, very livable. 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    I really like it! I happen to like the amount of kitchen space. I would just enclose the little alcove for some extra living space. I love the height of the stairs and the closet beside the washing machine. I would like to have seen more pictures of the bathroom and that back area though. The lamps in the loft are beautiful! How much for a rig like this?

  • Kathy says:

    As i understand it, the top step is where you sit yourself down on the floor of your loft; if you just kept walking up you’d bump your head. I applaud the banister, and would want mine carried across the end of the loft–possibly hinged to allow large objects to be moved in and out? Drape or hang something over it for privacy.

    I wonder, for less bendy people like me, about dolleys or cut-down office chairs for moving around TH lofts without killing our knees. Or just making the nook into a little cozy bedroom. I like 1 level living, but now sleeping next to doors, ovens, stairs. I want the cozy enclosure of a loft without having to clamber down to the bathroom at 4 in the morning. Tough order to fill!

    Very handsome TH!

  • Michael Logue says:

    This clearly demonstrates what a big difference using a 10″ wide trailer makes in comparison to the typical 8.5′ trailers.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    nice craftsmanship. clients made design decisions which would not work for me. Unfortunately , most people have not become aware of the benefits of the split system of Air conditioners, which can also be used for heating. These split systems run economically and are highly functional. they are also superior in every respect to the free standing units. The bedroom in this house will be hot and the a/c down stairs will not cool it. I did not see a ceiling fan to circulate the air. I hope the new owner loves their new house and will be able to tweak their design as they live there. It is so well made and uses lovely materials.

  • Dorothy says:

    Tallest top step I have ever seen! I doubt I could crawl in nor could I sit and turn myself into the loft. The other steps are on the high side as well but doable. Love the banisters but wish they matched. Either the wood or metal would do, but the same.
    I’d want less kitchen and more living area and I want enclosed kitchen cabinets. Curtains don’t work with cats and dogs unless you are OK with them being in all your kitchen stuff. I’m not.
    Would have tiled the entire shower. I don’t think the wood will be pretty for long.

  • Jeff says:

    Nice materials and design. Am I the only one noticing the bathtub faucet? Where does this pour into? Is there a small tub below that uses a wood surround or do you fill up a wood tub?! Just curious, I’m sure someone has this thought out. Great job!

  • Eric Johnston says:

    Did the builder run out of money before finishing the cupboards?

  • Eric Johnston says:

    Where does one put there coat and boots?

  • Chris. says:

    Really nice,love the steel plumbing handrails,using the same on mine. however more .Adds a flare of Steam Punk.Curtain rods,shower rails Etc.With chalking and distressing ,to add just a little more flare and Wow factor.Stained and bevelled glass, inlayed brass windows,also.However realize,your limited by Customers ,requirements. Only criticism,is the Tub! Shame it wasn’t round,purely from and anaesthetic viewpoint and strength. But having been a Cooper,i would say that.LOL Well done . Wezza Commin,TH,s BC.

  • Chris. says:

    Was wondering what your weight factor ,ended up ,as?

  • Lisa McGowan says:

    What was the final cost of this particular build? We are located in Cosby, TN & looking for a rustic cabin style home on wheels to travel the US.
    Thank You, Lisa McGowan

  • June says:

    Lots and lots of wasted space for a big boy like this. If I can’t see where my television goes, it’s not a good fit for me.

  • Lisa E. says:

    Instead of that half seat in the entrance alcove, I’d put the kitchen there; sink at the window and then a counter running the wall for stove/stove top & refrigerator. This would open up the mid-section to be a livingroom with sofa and wall mounted flat screen over an electric fireplace. I’d remove that stove and put in a wall mounted Dickenson Marine Heater. This would save space and I wouldn’t have to cut wood to stoke the fire. Other than this, it’s a nice build and will make someone a good home.

  • Tyler Myles says:

    I love the wood works you have done here dude. You got the skills and you don’t need to pay for a talented worker just to make something like this.

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