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A tiny house parked just outside of Music City (aka Nashville, Tennessee).

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  1. This is amazing! So spacious and open. What did this cost to make and furnish? My husband and I love the idea of a tiny house but want it to be more open feeling, like this one is.

  2. Really nice! Like the stairs and lovely light kitchen. Bathroom look great, too. Very nice flooring choice and i like that the entrance is on the side wall- better use of space and you can look outside, feels more roomy.

  3. I’m glad that I stuck it out in the Tiny House email circuit, if only to see homes like THIS finally coming to the forefront. Two years ago, I was scratching my head at dwellings that had no bathroom, barely a counter top to hold nuts and grains, one chair (maybe) and a micro sleeping loft reached by a ladder that only a monkey could navigate.

    If you are older than 22 years of age, like to cook, have wonky knees, and want to have several people over to cook for and relax, those very early examples of tiny homes just didn’t fit the bill for many people.

    For a small footprint, THIS is the BEST EXAMPLE I’ve seen!!! A kitchen that any serious cook/baker would be proud to work in! Stairs, stairs and more stairs!!! Hooray for Stairs! (I’d use the other loft for nimble guests). Amazing use of light and windows; beautiful blend of white finishes and wood-tones so the interior is neither stark-sterile nor gloomy from too much wood.

    Only on a personal level, would I choose to eliminate the built in sofa for several comfy chairs and tiny tables for reading, relaxing and dining.

    My virtual hat “off” to the team that designed this Five Star home!!!

  4. I’m with Robin (above): A couple of years ago a Tiny House was a great idea that had a lot of appeal but certain points did not meet the needs of all people (like ladders and Seniors; they don’t mix well together.) But this Tiny House is fabulous!!! I can’t imagine anyone who couldn’t make a home out of this place (unless it was the Brady Bunch!) So cozy and welcoming yet plenty of room for friends and family. REALLY nice job on this one. I’m putting Tiny Happy Homes on the short list for potential builder.

  5. I love this little bright home.. One thing I would ditch is the dish rack and drain board.. there’s drain pads made for that now and easy to fold and store out of the way.

  6. I love this tiny home!!!!!
    How can I get additional info on this tiny home?.
    How much?. Whom and where can I order one from?
    Please respond soon…..

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