• Brenda says:

    I love a tiny house with a real sitting area to watch TV. A lot of the time there’s a window in front of the couch, or the couch is off in a corner where you can’t put a TV in front of it, or the couch is placed right at the entrance, or the TV is in the kitchen, but I love this!!! I wish there were more pictures of the bathroom though.

  • Paris says:

    I literally just watched this episode today on my DVR. It always kinda saddens me when I see the former “happy homes” for sale. Makes me wonder if the couples split, or if they just moved on…

  • Fran says:

    Does it have a bathtub? If so pls post pic

  • Charlie Kleeberg says:

    I just watch them build this house last on TV. The couple acted like they loved the house. The wife made sure that her husband had his back deck.

  • connie says:

    Gorgeous tiny house! Great price for $54,900!

  • Mike J. says:

    Perfect tiny house for myself. Can you please let me know what state it’s located in ?
    Thank you,

  • LauraL says:

    Now that is really a swoon! Very feminine-looking and pretty. I like the color scheme and appreciate the steps as opposed to a ladder. Also, some tiny houses seem to place too much emphasis on the kitchen area to the detriment of the living space, but in this tiny house the living space actually looks rather comfortable and cozy. Lovely!

  • Curtis Beardsley says:

    They sure didn’t love their home for very long. I only just watched this on TV yesterday! It’s a lovely house. Why didn’t they keep it? I had doubts that it would make t hem happy. I’m not being nasty. I’m just thinking that people better think about tiny house living for a very long time before they commit. I also think that price is very high.

    • Chaz says:

      We love the house but my wife is going back to school and we cannot find a locator to move it to. We will build another one once she finishes school. The builder who built ours is building the exact shell for another person and is charging $45,000. So our price is definitely reasonable for today’s market price.

  • I Love this tiny house. I missed this episode I sure would remember this one. By far my favorite tiny house so far.

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