Scrappy Tiny


The Scrappy Tiny is a recent tiny housebuild completed by my good friends over at Tennessee Tiny Homes.








  • Liz says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of dark wood. But, it does have a certain charm. I like the general layout, from what I can make out. You’ve got all the needed THOW elements, so good planning. It’s nice. The Steampunk community will love you. Thanks.

  • lb says:

    #CRAPPYTINY. They forgot the dirt floor.

  • Mike says:

    If you’re going to do rustic and want to live with it for a long time, the implementation needs to be consistent and done with obvious craftsmanship and attention to detail and maybe some inventiveness. This is a little too loosely associated. If the hardware had been rusty/vintage/repurposed vs bought, the cabinets and fixtures not budget off-the-shelf from big box hardware, the cladding & Roofing salvaged from existing vintage farm/industrial buildings, and the ceilings not been raw whitefoam (or what reads like raw whitefoam), you might have had a winner. And the mix of white cabinets and black appliances isn’t helping to turn down the contrast. Pick modern or tech or rustic or vintage or Steampunk and stick with it. These spaces are small enough that the elements need to correlate closely to make the whole credible.

  • Robert says:

    I love this keep-it-simple look. Very appalachian hunting cabin, rustic in a genuine way, no interior designer kitsch. I think the wood is brilliant and basic, but I understand it is probably not for everyone.

  • Truman Green says:

    I really enjoyed looking at these photos because I know exactly how crazy those boards up in the loft
    would make me feel in about five minutes. So I had a huge extended laugh at myself. Did you notice the
    small piece of triangle-shaped plywood on the loft gable wall? I simply could not sleep in that room
    with that piece of plywood staring back at me.

    The builder built it for him/herself. Not like a lot of professional cookie-cutter models so if he
    loves it it was a huge success.

  • Dorothy says:

    Outside is cute. Inside not so much. I really don’t like rough wood and recycled wood (thumbs up for that) doesn’t have to be unfinished and rough. BTW, I don’t consider this “steampunk” at all.

  • Rich says:

    I’d like to see someone execute that maneuver into the loft or even better, OUT of the loft!

  • Bethany says:

    Oh man, are those tiny footsteps to get into the loft with a railing to help you get in? Dang, that looks like WAY too much work to get into bed, but if it works for the owner, then I guess that’s okay. I also don’t like how different the kitchen counter and cabinets are from the rest of the place. They’re two very different styles and they don’t really mesh. Hm. Interesting.

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