Titan Tiny Homes in Illinois recently built this super-cozy tiny home.









  • Jackie says:

    This is one of the most beautifully done tiny houses I’ve ever seen. Love the layout. I would use some of the space a little differently, but each person has different needs. Gorgeous.

  • Travis says:

    Beautiful job with interior design! It looks cozy and spacious at the same time. I am currently working on building my own tiny home. Can you inform me what sheathing material you used for your interior walls? It seems to me drywall and smooth as it is. I would very much like to use some drywall myself but have been discouraged by any number of people, some professional builders because they say that the flex and torque on the structure during travel would very likely cause drywall to crack. I’d like to use whatever you used instead the the common bead or lap board.

    • Chris. says:

      Hi,answer to your question,Re Drywall. As a tiny house builder.Its usually the seams that crack.What i have don is use Ultralight !/3 lighter than old fashioned D/W. And make the wall look like wainscot .At 16″centres. A chair rail at 42″ high .Ultra light flexes ,a lot more. What ever you do ,Glue and Screw.Hope this helps,and good luck with your house. Chris WeezaCommin TH. BC Canada.

    • Chris. says:

      PS. PL 200,or 400,D/W ,and use as few screws as possible. Studs @ 16″Centres ,weight difference is minimal. 🙂

      • Travis says:

        Thanks tremendously for your response! The solution you’ve figured makes perfect sense in that if you apply a molding on top of where a seam would most likely occur, any cracks resulting from the movement would be hidden from view. Aside from the few drywall screws used, there would be no reason to putty being that the seams wouldn’t need to be filled because they wouldn’t be visible. I’ve already found the ultra-light drywall at my local HomeDepot. Now I know how to apply it! Thanks again so much for sharing. 🙂

  • Karie says:

    It is absolutely beautiful!! I believe this is my favorite house I’ve saw so far. What is the cost?

  • Jean says:

    That is a fantastic home.

    I noticed the living area is directly below the sleeping loft. Have you considered switching the sleeping loft to the ground floor and the living area above it? It would require fewer step treads to the living area and having the sleeping area below would make it cooler for sleeping. A railing at the edge between the living area and the kitchen would be useful for preventing falls and could be temporarily removed for bringing in furniture. This could be considered another version of a split-level home.

  • Yamez4u says:


  • gmh says:

    Really well done- I like the outside and the inside. I can see how folks could easily tweak it to fit their individual tastes. The best part is the sofa- perfect for TV watching and having guests. Does it make into a bed? That would be a nice touch.
    I would put a closet for hanging clothes under the stairs.

  • Mike says:

    Home run. With bases loaded. Restful, simple, interrelated design inside and out.

    Pay attention tiny-housers, this one is spot-on.

  • Nerida says:

    Really well done. One of the best. Thank you for let us peak into your world.

  • Hallie says:

    What is the price on this listing

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    visually attractive. good sized kitchen with decent upper cabinets. but no vent for stove and sink is too small to even wash a plate. I do not understand the advantage in changing the roof line….. flat to the 13.5 legal limit in back and front is peaked. It results in an odd appearance from outside and perhaps less storage on interior. Is it less expensive to build using this design?

  • Dorothy says:

    Very nice and a reasonable price too! I don’t like that last high step to the lovely loft. I’m too old to crawl on my knees.

  • Peggy Trivilino says:

    Wicked pretty–just gorgeous! And it even has a real kitchen–I want one!!! 🙂

  • Mary lynn says:

    Nicely done, the layout is just right.

  • Jamal says:

    How do I buy this?

  • penny says:

    Is this home still available???

  • Erin says:

    I love the living room underneath the loft. It really makes it a cozy and separates the rooms!

  • Spottero says:

    Awesome! Would love to live in there!

  • Nickie says:

    I am 70 years old now and I have worked in construction for many years and have remodeled my mobile home a 65×10 but I have been interested in building my own Tiny Home for some time, now and I am ready and I have been looking at hundreds of Tiny Homes to find the design I like and get ideas from other Tiny Homes to start mine. So far of all the ones I have seen in the last 2 months this one is the best in design and layout that I have liked so far. You have done a great job on this one. The only thing I would change is putting the fridge under the stair case for more L.Rm space. I would like to know how high it is, how wide and long also. My trailer is 24 Ft. and I would like to go 10 Ft high and 8.5 Ft. wide so as to have 8 Ft usable space inside. Is 10 Ft. high possible for a descent sleeping loft at 5×8. Is less windows better then more? Does that make the home lighter with more windows. What is the price for this model with out Stove, Fridge and Sink.

  • Sherry Atkins says:

    I love the Notarosa as well. I would love to own one. Are there two lofts or one? The only thing missing is a fireplace or stove. What would be the cost with this added? Thank you! Sherry Atkins

  • BB says:

    This is so beautiful! It’s obvious a lot of care and attention went into this. I would prefer the fridge under the stairs too but, there is really not much else I would change. I am totally in love with the paint colour on the walls but can’t quite figure out if it is a grayish blue or mint… nevertheless, this is definitely in my list of top five favourites of all time! Thanks for the eye candy!

  • Willian says:

    What is tg price for a tiny home like this one
    I only need the shell with bathroom
    No fancy extras

  • Travis says:

    What make/model wash/dryer is that displayed and how would you rate its performance?

  • Amy Brinkman says:

    Where do you store your clothes?

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