This tiny house built by American Tiny House is very people and kitty friendly.










  • Emily Kaiser says:

    HI! Is it possible to find out where their sectional is from? We are needing a similar size and design for our living room space. Thank you!

  • gmh says:

    Very livable- love this!

  • Michelle says:

    LOVE IT!! <3

  • Erin K Jacobs says:

    My tiny dream home.

  • Pat Olson says:

    Very nice house

  • Alice says:

    This is the living-room-under-the-loft I’ve been looking for! That way the kitchen isn’t as closed as in as usual.

  • Paige says:

    One of the best tiny houses I’ve seen.

  • Karlee says:

    Beautiful. Very functional. Would love to see the rest of the bathroom.

  • Jose says:

    I want this one I love it to say the least.

  • debre roos says:

    This is my dream house!

  • Dev says:

    Oooooo la LAAAAA la la!!! Ya’ll weren’t playin’ around with this one!!! Beautifully done!

  • Kathy says:

    Sweet! Love the provisions for kitties, beautiful decor, comfortable crash space, exceptional! I’d add railing for the loft and banister — people are going to get very bored with my saying this on almost every TH thread, but a loft railing adds safety, privacy if you want (drape a decorative blanket etc) and a banister for not stumbling down the stairs in the middle of the night. Young folk, it WILL start happening to you.

    We shouldn’t have to keep asking TH manufacturers for a safety feature as basic as stair railings. As fast as storage stairs swept the industry/community, so should railings.

    I’ll stop railing now.

    • Peggy Trivilino says:

      I agree with you completely about the railing and banister. Also, why is the last step before entering the loft level always so steep? Couldn’t the stairs be proportioned differently or one more step added? I’m tiny (4’11 1/2″) and I have a little arthritis in my hips. Managing the steep last step in most THs would be an issue for me.

      • simon magus says:

        just fyi, you aren’t meant to step up on the top step, as the loft is not high enough to permit you to stand upright inside it…you are supposed to kneel or sit at the top to enter the loft.

  • Catherine Wilson says:

    Wow! Thanks to the quality finishing and decorating this looks like a real home. I am guessing that the bathroom has typical tiny design with shower and toilet on either side. Also that the closet opposite to the clothes washer contains her wardrobe. I particularly like that the second loft for storage is closed with doors. Nothing is worse in a tiny house than clutter, open storage, and a hodge-pudge of decorations. It looks like a walk in closet, not a home.
    Thanks for showing.

  • garrett says:

    Bathroom pics???

  • Denise says:

    I’m pretty sure that sectional is from IKEA. I’ve seen that same sectional in several tiny homes, so it must be the perfect size. Much better than the uncomfortable benches that pass for couches in most of the homes.

  • Shalah says:

    Kid A! Great soundtrack for the tour. Love the house. The kitchen is lovely. This looks like a home…not just a house. Great inspiration.

  • Corpho says:

    This house is by far one of the very best I’ve seen. People should definitely watch the video to get the full tour, including the bathroom. I had an even smaller bathroom in my old apartment in Brooklyn, so this one is not outrageously teensy. I’m not into the models with rustic interiors, nor any of the homes with bench seating that have flimsy foam cushions. This house has a nice modern design with lots of great touches. Oh, and the kitty poop fan is too perfect. 🙂

  • Dana says:

    Love your design!!
    DIY father helping daughter with her designing and building a THoW.

    Where did you get your plans?
    Can one get plans for your TH (free? purchase?)
    (In SketchUp?)


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