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Hi folks, my husband and I have spent many a moment swooning on your site…and want to share a tiny from us

A simple tiny house on wheels built in Frankfort, Michigan. More info. here.


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  1. Hi “SC” …we decided not to put the bathroom in. We put a drain in for a shower and had put cedar siding in there. Now it serves as a storage room. The tiny house has an outdoor toilet and a outdoor shower. If you use the contact page on our website,, I can send you some pics of that back room and the outdoor shower. Thank you!

  2. Looks like a great setup and very comfy house and yard. Nice pile of firewood too. Any issues with “critters” taking up residence behind those bales?

  3. Hi Alice,
    Thank you! We haven’t really had any issues with critters taking up residence behind the straw bales. I wonder if that is because of the activity in and around the house. We once thought we had a skunk setting up shop but it turned out it just wanted to visit us a couple times. Jon doesn’t really like the strawbales as a long term solution because they aren’t a very effective way of adding insulation. Warmly, Lisa

  4. I like that it is not trying to be something it”s not. There is an appeal and comfort in it”s honesty. Keep up the great work!

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